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28 Oct.,2022


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We get asked all of the time for recommendations on tactical gloves for air soft shooting, CrossFit workouts and just hanging out in the field and shooting with your buddies. Check out this list of gloves so that you can make the best decision.

Mechanix Pact Gloves review by Gyro
For me, the title says it all–these are awesome gloves. We started using Mechanix Wear gloves in Iraq, because the issue nomex gloves couldn’t stand up to the use & abuse we put them through (we were convoy escort, so we were always working on our vehicles & 50 cals).

At that time, Mechanix Wear geared their gloves to the civilian market, so we had to buy the black gloves, and use sharpie marker to color in the white logos.

Hatch NS430 Shooting Gloves review by Nolan: I’ve used the Hatch shooting glove with an AR-15 and with a handgun drawing out of a holster. It worked great in both situations.

I was able to load magazines easily and even use my Leatherman tool easily. I highly recommend trying these out. The only risky thing is getting the right size. Since the leather is synthetic, it won’t stretch much if at all, but who knows what a lot of use will do. I’d say pick a size, and just return it to Amazon if you end up needing a smaller/bigger one.

Outdoor Sports Tactical Gloves by Mrsight:

These gloves are not too fancy and just the right touch for airsoft or any kind of shooting you may want to do.

We even spotted a pair of the Outdoor Sports Tactical gloves recently at Fort Benning during operations.

Rothco 3463 Kevlar Tactical Glove review by K.Alberts
I got these gloves in May of 2011. I use these gloves when I am doing private securtiy and I can tell you they stand up to rough conditions. I can state as fact these gloves are great for protecting your knuckles.

I was forced to find out just how good the Rothco 3463 Kevlar Hard Knuckle Tactical gloves was when I had a suspect try to fight me, One hit and he did not want to fight any more and my knuckles were not hurt. These gloves fit tight, so make sure you buy a size up from what you normally would, if you buy large gloves buy XL, and if you get medium go with a Large.

5.11 Station Grip Glove review by NoK
Great pair of gloves. Much more rugged than I thought they would be. I have yet to shoot with them but I think they may be a bit thicker than Nomex. My only complaint is that the large size was not as big as I thought it would be.

Not 5.11 or Amazon’s fault. *UPDATE* These 5.11 Station Grip gloves are surprisingly easy to shoot with. Fingers fit in the trigger guards of my 1911 and full size Glocks fine. They’re slightly too big for my compact Glocks though. While I still prefer Nomex for shooting, these gloves are much better all around.

Free Soldier Wear-resisting Blackhawks Tactical Full Finger Glove for Military Fans by Crazycity
I bought these for my daughter who is in the US Air Force and had them sent to her. She is in the middle of her training at Lackland AFB in Texas to be Security Force.

She received the Free Soldier Blackhawks Glove and absolutely loves them. All the Airmen in her flight want to know where she got them. She told me that there is padding on the knuckles so you can “Jack people up”! Anyway if my daughter is happy with them then I am happy with them.

Voodoo Tactical 20-9078 Phantom Gloves with Knuckle Protector by VooDoo Tactical
The Voodoo Tactical Phantom gloves are great gloves for any type of tactical activity.

They fit nice and snug, the knuckle guard is right were it needs to be, and they are very comfortable. I highly recommend these gloves to everyone, from military to your average paintball player.

TRINITY Tactical Half Finger Gloves by Trinity
The TRINITY Tactical gloves work great in battle and have protected my hands very well.

The reason i gave it 4/5 stars was because the armor on top can get stuck on pockets/pouches and will cause you not to be able to get what you need out of it.

Overall great gloves!

Under Armour Men’s Tactical Summer Blackout Glove by Under Armour
These gloves are great! I wore them to military training and used them everyday for a month. They held up great even through washing them multiple times. I thought for sure they would have worn through at the fingers by the end of the trip but they have very little signs of wear.

The Under Armour Tactical Summer Blackout gloves stood up through loading ammo in magazines all day without ripping! I will get another pair when (if!) these ever need to be replaced!

Rapdom Tactical Pro Gloves by Rapdom Tactical
This is the 3rd pair I have purchased. The manufacturer, RapDom, has made a great product. I still am on my first pair. Other pairs are for our preps. I really can’t see spending more money for “the name” when these are available. I have used these to shoot with, climb/rock scramble with, use while cutting and setting our cobblestone patio and everything else. I have intentionally went out of my way to abuse the Rapdom Tactical Gloves and they still are intact! They are tough and worth every penny. The little tabs on the tips of the fingers for electronic device use have worn off, but I can care less about that since I have bought these for protection and not screwing around with my smart phone screen.

Condor Kevlar Tactical Glove – 220 by Condor
The Condor Kevlar Tactical Glovefit well. Have used them now several times without issue.

For the money I cannot see spending more. Very good dexterity for loading and you can actually forget having them on. If durability is an issue I have not seen evidence yet. For the price I could buy two pairs for less then one of the more expensive other brands.

Blackhawk Men’s S.O.L.A.G. HD Glove with Kevlar by BLACKHAWK!
It arrived well before the expected date, half a week.

The only concern so far that I have with the Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. HD Glove is the right hand between thumb and pointer there is a bit of either a tightness or stiffness that makes the skin a little sore, but again, it is leather, and heavy duty, so only time will tell if wearing in helps.

Outdoor Research Silencer Gloves
Well built gloves. My only complaint is that the thumb material along the inside closest to my forefinger was excessive and baggy. I have large hands so I got the extra large and even though the rest of my fingers fit great, the thumb was just too big. This left me unable to actuate the safety mechanism reliably on a Beretta 92SF service pistol.

I tried on other sizes in store and found that the large was also too big on the thumb. I returned the Outdoor Research Silencer gloves and I switched to the Pile Driver gloves in Large from the same company and they fit great. The infinity guarantee offered by Outdoor Research is also outstanding.

Pearl Izumi Elite Gel Softshell review by Stevie:

These Pearl Izumi Elite Gel-Vent gloves are the absolute best hands down! Whether you want to use them to actually cycle or use them to move furniture or use them to lift anything heavy these gloves are perfect for any circumstance not only cycling. I highly suggest to anyone and everyone that you must own at least one pair of these gloves!

Questions from our readers.

Question: What kind of gloves were used at the Turning Steel event? 5.11 Tactical gloves and some instructors use Mechanix. Many prefer Mechanix vs others but it is all in your preference.

Question: How about PIG gloves vs Mechanix? Both are really good gloves. I own a pair of Mechanix but am looking to try out the PIG Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves.

Question: Do you have any info for condor vs under armour hard knuckle gloves reviews? Yes; check out the reviews above?

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