The difference between hospital bedside cabinets and traditional bedside cabinets?

25 Oct.,2022


Hospital Bedside Cabinet

Hospital bedside Cabinet is lightweight and designed without any bells and whistles. The good thing about this type of Locker bedside cabinet is that they are the cheapest option; Please note, however, that they are designed to be used with regular beds, not hospital beds.

Most living rooms have locker or bedside cabinets, which keep some bedside tables and everyday items, but what does a hospital bedside table do? It is understood that hospital bedside tables are very different from ordinary home bedside tables in many ways. What are the characteristics of medical bedside tables?

In principle, hospital bedside tables are very different from other home bedside tables.

The first is the composition of the material. Home bedside tables are usually made of wood which is more expensive. Hospital bedside tables are usually made of plastic and iron and are cheap.

Second, modelling design. Family bedside tables have been carefully designed to come in many different shapes to meet the different needs of home users. Hospital bedside tables are practical, simple and convenient, which is why they are cheap.

Finally, considering the high mobility of the hospital population, bedside tables are usually unlocked, while most of the household bedside tables are unlocked for convenient storage.

Material aspects
Mainly ABS nightstand, stainless steel nightstand and cold rolled steel nightstand. In general, stainless steel nightstands are generally more expensive than ABS engineering plastics and cold-rolled steel.

Manufacturing materials
These hospital bedside cabinets do not choose wood, but rather durable and economical plastic and steel to increase life and protect some medicines and appliances. The price of bedside table in hospital is also very cheap, in order to be more convenient and practical, but also most people can accept. Bedside tables for hospitals also come in a variety of sizes to cater for different needs. Therefore, this kind of cabinet generally appears in the hospital and some families in need, some people also choose to use it to save some medicine.

The size
Generally speaking, whether a medical bedside table or home bedside tables, the sizes of their products are basically fixed and there is not much difference in the whole. Bedside tables will also be adjusted according to the overall situation of beds and hospitals.

The use of bedside tables in hospitals is the embodiment of more care and love for the majority of patients. Even in hospitals, patients always carry small, personal, everyday items with them. Items like watches, glasses and smartphones are essential and valuable items that need a place to store them. Our BC012 nightstand provides safe and versatile storage space that patients can easily access. The highly adjustable, tilting nightstand is perfect for mealtimes as well as reading books and magazines.