How to Buy a Sectional Sofa

14 Oct.,2022


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What’s so great about a sectional sofa?

“It’s the Swiss Army knife of seating,” said Chris Weir, a partner at Studio Collins Weir, an interior design firm in Sausalito, Calif. “You can program a space for multiple uses with one piece of furniture. You can have a cocktail party with perched seating, but then also have space to flake out and watch TV. There’s something really lovely and open-ended about them.”

Furniture manufacturers offer sectionals with dozens of modules that allow for customization well beyond a simple sofa with an attached chaise. So buyers can create custom configurations that address specific spaces and activities — whether that means defining a gathering area in an open loft, maximizing seating in a small media room or catering to the lounging preferences of numerous family members.

With so many sofa systems available from manufacturers, and all those components, how do you choose a sectional that will work for you? We asked Mr. Weir and other designers for advice.