Analysis on the development of China's bottle blowing machine enterprise

13 Oct.,2022


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Analysis on the development of Chinas bottle blowing machine enterprise

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At present, most of the blowing machine enterprises for small and medium-sized enterprises blowing machine manufacturers, lack of technical strength, lack of self-development capacity, it is difficult to achieve technology-intensive scale production, difficult to meet the ever-changing market demand. Domestic manufacturing of large blowing machine enterprises less, its competition degree than small blow bottle confidential much smaller, so the interest space is larger.

Relevant enterprises should seize the opportunity, homeopathy to promote the development of the group industry. Reflect China's plastic bottle development strength, absolutely inseparable from the blowing machine equipment research and development and manufacturing strength.

Through years of development, China's blowing machine industry in the study and learn from the technology, and constantly catch up with the international well-known bottle blowing machine manufacturers, and gradually in the blowing equipment manufacturing has formed its own advantages. In fact, the blowing machine to form their own advantages, can not be separated from the production of the relevant parts of blowing machines progress.

For example: Air compressors, compressors and other related parts and components equipment, the progress of domestic technology, only in these parts and components in the complete domestic technology to form a leading edge and progress, can promote the entire blowing machine industry progress.

With the increasing demand of plastic bottle market in life, plastic blowing machine has also been developed rapidly, it is widely used in beverages and pharmaceuticals as well as cosmetics and food industry, and attracts more manufacturers to choose blowing machine to replace the previous bottle making tools. In many products, multi-layer coextrusion Hollow blowing machine is a very promising development of the hollow blow molding machine. With the more and more high barrier hollow products in the field of hollow products accounted for more and more, making the multi-layer blow molding products not only in the food packaging industry rapid development, but also in the chemical and cosmetics and medical hygiene and other industrial packaging has grown rapidly.

As a result, the development of the bottle-blowing device stems from its excellent characteristics and is bound to reach its peak in the next few years. However, with the application of a wide range of requirements are increasing, at present, the pharmaceutical industry for blowing equipment has two urgent needs. One is because the price of plastic raw materials continues to rise, enterprises all the time to reduce the cost of packaging to achieve the maximum profit, it is necessary to use advanced blowing equipment to produce lighter weight of the bottle; second, due to the rapid changes in the market, production enterprises must be more and more short life cycle to make flexible response.

These two urgent needs give the blowing equipment supplier a big problem. Therefore, in the subsequent development process, blowing machine enterprises want to obtain long-term development must face these problems, the industry should play its own advantages to seize the market, and then constantly strengthen technological innovation, establish a good brand image, thus stabilizing the market.