The advantage of leather gloves over gloves made from different fabrics

11 Aug.,2022


Gloves are an important accessory in women’s and men’s wardrobes. They are not only elegant, but also protect hands from cold. There are many types of gloves on the market. One of the most popular are leather and cotton gloves. There are many advantages of both types, but many people are increasingly choosing leather gloves. </ P>


How one dresses is one of the hallmarks of good style. Choosing leather gloves signals that elegant looks matter to someone. Leather accessories can be used with both formal and casual styles. This stylish accessory can be worn with a coat or jacket made of almost all materials: wool, leather and even jeans. They also look great in men’s business styles: matching them in terms of color to the shoes and belt will draw attention to the knowledge of fashion canons, while creating a coherent stylization. Holding a leather business briefcase with a hand covered with a thick cotton gloves would hardly be well received.


It’s not just the looks that make women’s or men’s leather gloves more likely to be chosen over cotton gloves. napo gloves have created driving gloves, which primarily increase the grip of the hand to the steering wheel. They are soft enough to allow the use of switches in the car, and are also manufactured using special technology that allows you to use touchscreens on mobile devices. Such gloves made of natural leather additionally guarantee the right hand temperature and air permeability.


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Persistence and timelessness

A big advantage of accessories made of natural leather is their durability. It is a much stronger material than wool, cotton or plastic fabrics, which additionally affects their resistance to various types of damage. Undoubtedly, leather gloves, chosen whether for formal style or for the car will always be in fashion. In the eighteenth century, they were almost mandatory elements of the elegant man’s stylization. Walking with bare hands was then considered inappropriate, which is why the real gentlemen put them on for almost every occasion. If you want to show style and knowledge of timeless trends, it is worth choosing this accessory. What’s more, cotton gloves are usually worn only in winter, while leather gloves can be worn both in winter and autumn or spring. During this last season of the year they prove themselves as an elegant addition to, for example, women’s stylizations, consisting of a delicate dress and a scarf.

Leather vs cotton – who wins?

Certainly in the comparison leather versus cotton gloves the first one will win, if the person wearing them values ​​primarily elegance, the highest quality, durability and their wide field of application. Technology enables the use of touch devices or increases the grip of the hand to the steering wheel. Leather gloves therefore provide not only timeless elegance, but also comfort for everyday use.