DIY This Easy Rope & Leather Keychain

02 Aug.,2022


rope keychain diy

Make this simple and chic DIY keychain using rope, leather cord, and a trigger clasp, which you can find at any hardware store. The perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays or personal gift for any occasion!


It happens every year. I have all these amazing plans for the holidays—glittery decor on all the things! Gourmet recipes I invented myself! Handmade gifts for everyone! But then the season whooshes by without having written so much as an on-time holiday card. Cuddles with cats and Netflix binges to ward off the cold are just too tempting to actually get up and do stuff.


So this year I set my goals a little smaller: ONE handmade gift. The solution to my laziness is this DIY Rope and Leather Keychain. It takes less than 30 minutes to make, uses inexpensive materials, and looks chic enough to give to a bestie or two. Win!


To make this keychain, we’ll be using a macrame knot called a “gathering knot”, but it’s super easy (promise!) and I’ll walk you through it!


DIY Rope and Leather Keychain





  • 4 feet of leather or faux leather cord (use those Michael’s coupons!)

  • 3-5 pieces of rope, 15 inches long each (I used macrame cord because I already had it at home)

  • trigger clasp or key ring (you can find both at any hardware store)

  • scissors

  • a clothespin, chip bag clip, paperclip, or other item to hold the rope in place while you work

  • a toothpick



1. Group your pieces of rope together, loop them through the trigger clasp or key ring, and attach the clothespin to hold them tightly in place while you work. This will make the project much easier for you, unless you have 4 hands in which case the DIYer in me is jealous.



2. Now we’ll start the gathering knot. You can check out this image for reference.


Grab your piece of leather cord and lay it on top of the rope with about two inches of cord at the top. Holding the cord in place, form a loop with the long end by passing it up and to the right, like so:



3. Wrap the long end of the cord around the back of the rope and over the loop. Wrap the cord it very tightly as this will hold the rope together. Keep wrapping until the leather wrap is as long as you want (just make sure to leave part of the loop exposed).



4. Pass the end of the leather cord through the loop you made in Step 2. Remove the clothespin and grab both ends of the leather cord. Pull down on the bottom end, and up on the top end, as tight as you can. Pulling up on the top end will draw the loop up under the wrapped cord so it is hidden and can’t unravel, so be sure not to skimp on this step!



5. Trim the cord, then tuck the visible ends into the wrap with a toothpick or other sharp object. Attach your keys, and you’re done!


See, totally easy enough to make a few for friends this holiday season. Although I won’t judge if you decide to keep one for yourself!