Make Your Own Boho-Chic Rope Tassel Keychain

02 Aug.,2022


rope keychain diy

Step 1: Cut a 5-inch piece of twine or string, then tie a knot around the jump ring. Step 2: Choose 2-5 beads and add them to the twine. Set aside. Step 3: Use scissors to cut a 10-inch piece of cotton rope. Step 4: Pull apart the two ends of the rope to create frayed edges, then overlap to form a loop. Step 5: Use tape to keep the loop in place, then glue to secure it. Step 6: Select your first color of thread. Wrap the thread tightly across the entire loop, using glue to secure it as you go. Let that thread dry, then continue with your next color. Step 7: When complete, use your previous piece of twine to attach the tassel to the end of your keychain. Bonus Step: Tie craft ribbon to your jump ring for a more festive look.