How to match wedding men's blue suit and tie-[Handsome tie]

01 Mar.,2021

floral neckties,148*6.5cm


The blue suit is a practical color. High brightness blue, such as sky blue and lake blue, will give people a clear and sunny feeling; low brightness blue, such as dark blue, will give people a quiet and low-key feeling.

Let's take a look at a few groups of photos. How can a blue suit match with a wedding tie.

1. Dark blue suit, white shirt with , fresh and natural, suitable for outdoor lawn wedding.

green tie

2. Blue suit, white shirt and cotton floral neckties are perfect for outdoor wedding.

floral neckties

   3. Blue suit, white shirt with pink tie, young, fresh and full of vitality.

pink tie

4. Dark blue suit, white shirt and dark blue tie of the same color, classic and durable, with temperament.

navy tie

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