Skeleton Oil Seal Function

05 Mar.,2021

The duty of the Skeleton Oil Seal is usually to isolate the parts that require lubrication in the transmission parts from the outcome components so as not to leak the lubricant.


The duty of the Please contact us is usually to isolate the parts that require lubrication in the transmission parts from the outcome components so as not to leak the lubricant.

Rotating shaft, a rotary shaft lip seal. The skeleton is just like the strengthening steel inside the concrete framework, which plays a reinforcing role and permits the Auto Oil Seal to keep its form and stress. According to the skeleton kind, it can be divided right into internal skeleton oil seal, outer skeleton oil seal, and inner and external skeleton oil seal. The skeleton oil seal is made of high-quality nitrile rubber and also steel plate, with steady top quality and lengthy service life. Extensively made use of in vehicles, motorcycle crankshafts, camshafts, differentials, shock absorbers, engines, axles, front as well as back wheels as well as various other parts.

Auto Oil Seal

Auto Oil Seal

The role of the skeleton oil seal:

1.Prevent sediment, dirt, dampness, and so on from attacking the bearing from the outside

2. Limit the leakage of oil in the bearing. The requirements for oil seals are that the dimensions ought to be in conformity with the needs; appropriate flexibility is needed, the shaft can be properly taken, and also the seal function is made use of; warmth resistance, put on resistance, toughness, as well as resistance to the medium, long life span.

Sensible use oil seals ought to focus on the following factors:

( 1) Shaft turning rate Because of style and also building and construction factors, high-speed shafts ought to be utilized with high-speed oil seals, low-speed shafts with low-speed oil seals, as well as low-speed oil seals can not be utilized on high-speed shafts, and also the other way around.

( 2) Ambient temperature level Polypropylene ester or silicon, fluorine, as well as silicon fluoro rubber must be used when the operating temperature is high. As well as need to attempt to decrease the oil temperature in the tank. If the temperature is too low, cold immune rubber ought to be made use of.

( 3) The stress of the oil seal is poor, and also the oil seal will certainly warp when the stress is expensive. Under high-pressure problems, a stress bearing rings or reinforced pressure oil seals should be made use of.

( 4) A degree of eccentricity on the installation When the oil seal as well as shaft are eccentrically fitted, the sealability deteriorates, especially when the shaft rotation rate is high. If the eccentricity is also huge, a "W" shaped oil seal can be utilized.

( 5) The surface smoothness of the shaft straight affects the service life of the oil seal, that is, the shaft has a high finish and also the oil seal has a lengthy service life.

( 6) Keep In Mind that there should be a certain amount of lube in the lip of the oil seal.

( 7) Unique care should be required to protect against dirt from involving into the oil seal.

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