What are the Precautions for Spray Gun Nozzles?

17 Mar.,2021

​As a Disinfectant-Fogging-Machine Manufacturer, share with you.


As a wind turbine, share with you.

Dust removal sprayer can quickly settle dust, improve the surrounding air quality, and protect environmental sanitation. In daily operation, the dust removal fog gun machine can realize automatic operation, but sometimes it will encounter various problems, which requires the operator to know some troubleshooting methods.

When the sprayer is working, the nozzle does not spray water and drips all the time, but the equipment is operating normally. In this case, it may be that the nozzle is blocked by impurities or the filter is blocked. The impurities must be removed in time to avoid other losses. When the nozzle sprays, if the water mist and air are sprayed at the same time, it is possible that the weld of the infusion tube of the sprayer is unsoldered or the infusion tube is corroded, and the weld needs to be re-welded or replaced with a new tube.

Fog Cannon

Fog Cannon

When the sprayer sprays, the sprayed water mist is not conical and scattered. This means that the shape of the nozzle is not placed or blocked. It must be cleaned in time to avoid affecting the spraying effect. When the air cylinder of the sprayer does not blow into the air, it may be that the leather cup is shrunk and worn or the screws fall off, which requires replacement of the leather cup or tightening the screws. In normal use, pay more attention to the switch of the sprayer to prevent water leakage due to aging or damage of the switch.

When using the dust removal sprayer, pay attention to the surrounding environment. Do not use the sprayer in dangerous areas. Pay more attention to the water source of the sprayer. Do not use corrosive liquids to avoid damage to the inside of the sprayer and affect its use. The dust-removing sprayer can use normal water, and the pH value is about 7.5. It is also necessary to pay attention to when the sprayer is spraying, it is strictly forbidden to stand under the air cylinder, and pay more attention to the power supply of the sprayer to prevent the line from aging and leakage.

After using the dust-removing sprayer, it is prohibited to disassemble and replace the electrical appliances without permission, so as to avoid electrical mismatch, resulting in a short circuit or a crash of the machine. After each use, it is necessary to drain the water inside the sprayer to avoid corrosion caused by the water and affect the use.

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