The choice of bridegroom's bow tie in wedding-[Handsome tie]

01 Mar.,2021

custom bow tieļ¼Œ12*6cm


Wedding, the image of the groom is very important, some small accessories will also give the groom's overall image bonus.

Nowadays, more and more young people will choose to wear a bow tie, which makes them feel very old-fashioned.

1. The solid color is clean and tidy, and it is a good match.Usually wear white shirt, black suit, black tie is the classic versatile

custom bow tie

2. White shirt, blue suit and cotton printed bow tie set off the noble temperament of the groom

custom bow tie

3. The white shirt with lattice elements is very classic. It has a kind of elegant temperament when used in the bridegroom's bow tie.

custom bow tie

4. White shirt with dot bow tie, feels cute

custom bow tie

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