DIY Minimalist Modern Bamboo Glass Spice Jars

06 Mar.,2023


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Organize your spice cabinets with me! Today I will show you how to transform your spices cabinet or drawer with these cute bamboo glass spice jars. We will also learn how to make these simple minimalist modern square labels!

DIY Minimalist Modern Bamboo Glass Spice Jars

Organizing your spices

Organizing your spices is both therapeutic and inspiring in the kitchen. If this sounds like a stretch to you, trust me! Taking basic kitchen supplies and tools and making them a little prettier makes both cleaning and cooking more fun.

Whenever we organize something in life, wether its our junk drawer, closets or craft supplies, we always want to take them out use them and enjoy them.

Remember when you were a kid and your Mom would help you organize your room and afterwards all you wanted to do was play in it! The same thing applies to our grown up spaces and this DIY project is both a simple and affordable way to bring in some pretty organization to your kitchen.


All you need to recreate these adorable spice jars and labels

How to make minimalist modern square white spice jar labels

There are tons of cute spice jar labels tote found on Etsy. But if you. are looking for a budget friendly option and a way to update or add more labels easily over time, you can easily make your own!

I used Avery 2×2″ labels for my 6″ oz jars, this size should also work well for a 4 oz jar but you will want to size up if you are using larger jars then either of these two sizes.

Next I used Canva to make my label design. I use Canva everyday for my business, blogging and craft projects. Its a free program or if you use it often as I do you can upgrade for a monthly fee. (not sponsored just love).

Use my affiliate link for Canva Pro (thank you so much for clicking on our affiliate links. This helps provide for our family at no extra cost to you, and we are so grateful for your support!)

Video tutorial for making labels on Canva

Check out my video below for step by step instructions on how I made my minimalist modern square spice jar labels. I also share how you can download the exact free fonts I used!

Once you have created all the labels you need for your spice, make sure to wipe off the jars well and dry completely before attaching the labels.

Fill up all your jars and display either on a shelf, counter or in a cabinet or drawer.

I originally bought one set of these jars and had them sitting on our open shelving in the kitchen, but we loved them so much I bought another set. Now we had so many spice jars we dedicated a shelf to them in our built in hutch.

My husband loves the spice jars as well. They are easier to open and use the spices out of them than our previous mason jars (though I still love those). We organized them with these shelf organizers from the Home Edit.

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