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09 Mar.,2023


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Choosing the Best Power Line Accessories

Are you planning to buy power line accessories?

It is important that you focus on buying nothing but the best overhead power line accessories.

In this article, we are going to give you viable tips for choosing the best power line fittings.

1. Why Power Accessories?

Different power line accessories are designed to perform different roles.

Some of these roles include:

-They ensure that the conductor and insulators are suspended at their correct positions.

-Ensure that cables remain stable despite the external vagaries of nature such as wind and storm

-Complete the connection of different powerline components

-Can be used to enhance the safety of the powerline.

There could be many other roles that are performed by powerline accessories.

When buying a particular overhead powerline hardware, you need to ensure that you have properly identified its specific role.

2. Power Line Accessories that You Must Have on a Transmission Line

You are planning to install an overhead powerline. It can be a big or small powerline system.

Which electric power line fittings should you buy?

Basically, there are power line fittings that you cannot afford to ignore no matter what.

Here are the must-have power line accessories for electrical transmission:

1. Anchor Rod

This overhead powerline hardware is also referred to as a thimble eye anchor rod, guy anchor rod, or just thimble rod.

The primary role of the anchor rod is to connect both the structural and non-structural components of a powerline to the concrete.

The thimble rod ensures that the components remain firm to the ground.


Anchor Rod

2. Ball Clevis

This is a powerline fitting that is used for attaching ball and socket insulators to other hardware.

They ensure that a transmission line is complete.


Ball Clevis

3. Guy Clamp

This is another power line hardware that is mainly used to provide support and stability to the pole.

The clamp is used together with an anchor rod and stay wire.


Guy Clamp

4. Stay Insulator

This is an overhead power line fitting that is mainly used on the stay wire. They insulate the wires in case they fall on the ground.

Stay Insulator

5.Pole Top Bracket

A pole top bracket is used for supporting insulators in a correct position.

As the name suggests, this power line fitting is usually installed at the very top of an overhead power line.

Pole Top Bracket

Other Essential Power Line Accessories

Apart from the above five powerline fittings, there are other accessories that you may consider installing on your overhead transmission line.

They include:

-Secondary rack

-Socket clevis

-Pole top pin

-Pole top make off

-Pole band

-Stay rod

-Stay set

-Street light arm

-Yoke plate

3. Factors to Consider when Choosing Power Line Accessories

Power line accessories come in different shapes, make, sizes and even power capacity.

This means that you cannot just buy a power line fitting blindly.

Instead, you need to look at different features that come with these accessories.

Here are the key factors that you should consider when buying overhead power line accessories.

-The material of the accessory

Although different power line accessories are made of different materials, you should pay special attention to the material that has been used.

Ensure that the accessory is made of high-quality material.

If the fitting is made of steel, ensure that it is high-grade steel.

This applies to ceramic, plastic and other materials. Always focus on the best

Why should I bother about the material used?

It is always expected that the best materials will deliver the best results.

This is the unwritten rule for buying overhead power lines accessories.

Apart from the performance, quality materials should be able to last for long.

You don’t want to buy a power line accessory that will keep on getting damaged after a short time.

-The power rating of the fitting

Quite a good number of overhead power line fittings are directly connected to the conductors.

This means that electric current will also flow through them.

For such fittings, you need to consider their voltage or current ratings.

The fittings should be able to accommodate the flowing current or voltage without getting damaged.

Choose a powerline accessory whose power rating matches that of the transmission lines.

This way you will be able to avoid a looming disaster.

-Size and dimensions of the power line hardware

There are no universal dimensions of electric power fittings.

Each power fitting ha sits a unique size and dimensions.

This means that the fitting that you choose should match the transmission line components.

Some of the dimension issues that you should look into include length, width, diameter, and even tensile force.

Sadly, when it comes t dimension, you should not compromise. The fitting should be of the exact size as required.

The good news is you can buy customized fittings for your transmission line.

-Power line manufacturers

Choose reliable and reputable power pole hardware manufacturers and you will never regret it.

Reliable brands are always dedicated to giving you quality products and the best services.

4. Tips for Choosing China Power Line Accessories Manufacturer

One of the things that we have mentioned is you should choose the best power line hardware manufacturer in China.

But, where can I find such a manufacturer?

There are various things that can help you to see whether the manufacturer of the overhead power line is legit or not.

First, check if the manufacturer is registered and licensed to operate in China.

You will always feel safe and confident when dealing with a legally recognized power line manufacturer.

Another way is to take your time and read the power line fittings reviews of the manufacturer.

Check if the reviews are positive or negative. Choose a manufacturer that has many positive reviews.

With these and many other tips, you will definitely end up with a reliable power line accessories manufacturer.

I hope that the information in this article will help you to buy the best power line accessories.

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1.Applications of overhead power line


What is the function of Power Accessories?

  • Ensure that the conductor and insulators are suspended at their correct positions.
  • Ensure that cables remain stable despite the external vagaries of nature such as wind and storm
  • Complete the connection of different power line components
  • Enhance the safety of the power line.

What are the common products of power line accessories?

Here are some types of hardware widely used on transmission Line:

  • Anchor Rod
  • Ball Clevis
  • Guy Clamp
  • Stay Insulator
  • Pole Top Bracket

What tests should do with power line accessories?

In order to create the best power line accessories for the market, some tests should do with the products:

  • Dry and wet AC withstand
  • Compression
  • Thermal imaging
  • Partial voltage test
  • Radio interference voltage

What should I consider when choosing power line accessories?

  • The material of the accessory
  • The power rating of the fitting
  • Size and dimensions of the power line hardware
  • Power line manufacturers

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