Heat Dissipation Issues of ac drive

18 Jan.,2023


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Causes of overheating:

1. The cooling fan is faulty;

2. Harsh working environment generates too much dust in the radiator

3. Long-term full load or overload operation


What will happen if the ac drive overheats?

1. Reducing the lifetime of the ac drive

2. Damaging the internal components due to the faulting or delay instruction


How to prevent ac drive from overheating?

1. Regularly maintaining and removing dust from ac drive

2. Installing a cooling fan for ac drivecabinet

3. Isolating heat radiation equipment from ac drive, such as filters & reactors, etc.

4. Installing air conditioners in the place where ac drive is located

5. If the machine is running at full load or overload for a long time, choosing a higher power ac drive for it. For example, a 5.5kw machine can use a 7.5kw ac drive.


The following two issues of ac drive heat dissipation should be noted:

(1) When the altitude is higher than 1000m, derating is necessary, because the air density decreases, the thermal conductivity of the air becomes worse and the heat dissipation effect of ac drive becomes worse accordingly. For example, a 5.5kw machine should use a 7.5kw ac drive.

(2) Switching frequency: heating of ac drive mainly comes from the IGBT. The higher the IGBT switching frequency, the more heat the ac drive.


ZOTO AC Drive adopts independent heat dissipation duct, stack-up structure design, and uses excellent algorithm to drive IGBT reducing heat dissipation, which makes ZOTO AC Drive more stable and reliable !