Stained Glass and Epoxy Mosaic

31 Jan.,2023


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This is where it comes together- so satisfying! Mix up enough epoxy to cover the entire piece 1/8" deep. You won't need all of it, but this way you have enough to fill the negative spaces in your design.

Add the resin tint/colorant to the epoxy to create the "grout". I used white in this case to mimic the Mondrian aesthetic. I mixed up enough so that it was translucent, but not too opaque. I still wanted the light to shine through.

Don't pour this mixture over the back and wipe it off like you might regular grout- that would be a mistake. Use a syringe and carefully add the "grout" between the negative spaces and the open areas of your design. Let this epoxy cure completely before hanging it somewhere it can be enjoyed!!

I'm thrilled with how this turned out. With this method you can create a stained glass piece without having to do more complicated soldering/metal work. You can customize the "grout" to any color you desire- there is no limit to your creativity here.

If you have any concerns about this technique, let me reassure you- I have done many tests- including gluing glass to glass with epoxy and hung it out in the blazing Texas sun for over 6 months with multiple triple digit heat waves and plenty of rain storms. I have not had any pieces de-laminate and have not seen any yellowing of the epoxy. I'm very impressed with the result, and will be trying this technique on more projects to come! If you want to see what I'm working on currently, check out my Instagram page: @phyrumtaylor.

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