How to select HOWO Dump Trucks-The difference between our HOWO Dump Truck with the others

14 Nov.,2022


HOWO Light Truck

Difference of TRUCKS from "the others"

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Due to some others individuals or companies are imitating our product and service, and try to ruin the used HOWO trucks, Shacman trucks net work, which we dedicates for 10 years. We are making this short notice for your consideration. Expecting it could clarify our stand and helping you to identify the most suitable service you are looking for.


We are biggest supplier of Used Trucks in China, located in Shanghai, not other province or city. Shanghai is one of the biggest port city in the world, where you can find your food, your transport, your shipping...... very easily.


Our Trucks brand HOWO, SHACMAN, FAW, JAC, FOTON, Range in:

Truck Tractor Head, Trailer (Different Length)

Dump Truck 6x4, 8x4


We have big stock and also efficient Sourcing team and Maintenance Team. They are all professional, fast and accurate.

Learn the Difference, before you try to bring down our price.
The Trucks we selected are very different from usual suppliers. i.e.

Our Purchase:
Original Heavy Duty Truck is the only choice of us. HOWO Dump Trucks, Shacman Dump Trucks are subject to afford heavy duty, so the original Shape is the basic thing, and surely it need more cost.
1. Original Shape of the machine, no welding
2. High Torque, easy to handle HEAVY DUTY.

The others may choose HOWO  or Shacman Truck Tractor and add the length of body to reduce cost. this type may:
1. CRACK from the welding point
2. Tractor Head is offering High Speed, not High Power, so you can NOT load too much while working

Our HOWO Trucks Shacman Trucks: All Spear Parts will be checked over to make sure it is functional, otherwise just change to New Parts.

The others may not change the parts behind the cover, you may overlook it. So their cost is low.

Dump Box and other Main Parts:
Our HOWO Trucks and Shacman Dump Trucks: Dump Box is very important part on any dump trucks, our Dump Box is always heavier than the others by 1000 KG, because they are original, and we are using THICKER material and applying full set Good Welding Process.

The others: want to attract customer with low price, so they choose thin and less material and reduce the usage of .

Please check this point to find the difference, the others covered many point, but they can not change the shape of the material they are using.

Engine and Transmission:
Our HOWO Shacman Dump Trucks: Each Engine and Gearbox will be checked and maintained for days, We offer consultant and Spare Parts Service as well.

The others may not answer your phone after purchase. Because they are agent by themselves or they know their trucks have too many problems.

Paint and Color, Details:
Our HOWO Dump Trucks and Shacman dump trucks: If need Repaint, We will apply the correct procedure to make sure the paint is strong.

The others may just apply one paint, it is shining within a month, but will peel off very soon.

Our Customer for HOWO Dump Trucks, Shacman Dump Trucks:
Our Price is Reasonable and Stead, We need long term Deal and Friends to help us to improve every time. Our selling is stable for 20-40 Units per month.

The others Price could be too high because they sell only 1 unit in a year.
The others Price could be too low, because their trucks is low quality.

If you need good HOWO trucks and SHACMAN trucks to keep your customer continious buying, we are the best partner to you, and you are our best friend.
Otherwise, if you need low price to maximum your one time business profit, Please pass by.

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