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14 Oct.,2022


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App Data, short for Application Data, is the game data for Five Nights at Freddy's 6, better known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.

How To Find It?

Click Win+R, then type %appdata%/MMFApplications here, you can find all of the FNaF save files (including FNaF World), open the file "FNAF 6" with any txt file editor (like Notepad++ or VS or VSC). Notepad is highly recommended for opening, though.

Most parameters can be disabled or removed by setting the '=(#)' to 0 or simply deleting the parameter completely.


General Gameplay

[FNAF6]: Game Name, you should never change anything in this line

night=(nightID#): Day of the week

phase=(phaseID#): Phase Number

first=(#): 0= 8-Bit Pizzeria Simulator (played when first opening the game), 1= Mainstream Pizzeria Simulator

n=2: this is used to store whether or not you finished the blueprint mode at the very beginning of the game, removing and/or tampering with this causes the game to reset after a salvage

ach(achievementID#)=(#): Defines if you have gained some achievement, 0= Didn't get the achievement, 1= Did get the achievement


Catalog/Blueprint Mode

Catalog Data

un(catalogID#)=(#): 0= Catalog locked, 1= Catalog unlocked



plate health=(#): Current plate and cups Health & Safety bonus, can be upgraded

plate atmos=(#): Current plate and cups Atmosphere bonus, can be upgraded

speaker bonus=(#): Best speaker Atmosphere bonus, can be upgraded

cups=(cupsID#): Cups and Plates level

stage=(stageID#): Stage level

speakers=(speakersID#): Speaker Set level

room08=(floorplanID#): Floorplan size



money=(#): Amount of money owned

spent=(#): Amount of money spent

CS=(#): Your current faz-rating

bench=(#): Last faz-rating you received money at (you get $100 every 1000 faz-points)

(gameID#)CS=(#): Defines if you have already received faz points for some item, 0= Still haven't received the points, 1= Have received the points

(animatronicID#)ACS=(#): Defines if you have already received faz points for some animatronic, 0= Still haven't received the points, 1= Have received the points

bonus en=(#): Bonus Entertainment

bonus at=(#): Bonus Atmosphere

bonus he=(#): Bonus Health & Safety

bonus re=(#): Bonus Revenue

bonus li=(#): Bonus Liability

total_en=(#): Total Entertainment

total_li=(#): Total Liability

total_at=(#): Total Atmosphere

total_re=(#): Total Revenue

total_he=(#): Total Health and Safety


Purchases, Placement and Other

(itemID#)=(#): Item Selling case, 0= Not owned and Purchasable, 1= Purchased and available in your inventory

(itemID#)[statistic]= (#): Shows the level for the statistic stated

(itemID#)added{coin/atmos/safety}=(#): 'Add Coin Slot', 'Clean and Polish' and 'Safety Straps' upgrades, 0= Upgrade available for item, 1= Upgrade added

(nightID#)play= (#): Night and number of tokens used, make this value: 10 - number of tokens you want

ad(adID#)=(#): Ownership of advertisements, 0= Doesn't own advertisement, 1= Owns advertisement

att0(positionID#)=(gameID#): Defines what items are in what location, different values gives different items

onstage(stagePositionID#)=(animatronicID#): Defines what animatronics are in what location, different values gives different animatronics


Lore Things

lo(loreGameID)=(#): Defines whether you completed a lore mini-game or not, 0= Didn't complete/play it, 1= Did complete/play it

tries=(#): Number of times you played Security Puppet, put 3 to play the Charlie mini-game

g2=(#): Current Fruity Maze Phase you are in, 0= Default, 1= Dead Dog Phase, 2= Injured Phase, 3= The after-phase (You won't be able to play Fruity Maze)


Night Mode (Main Gameplay)


printer=(#): 'X2 Printer' upgrade, 0= Not owned and Purchasable, 1= Purchased

hispeed=(#): 'Hi-Spd Uplink' upgrade, 0= Not owned and Purchasable, 1= Purchased

handyman=(#) 'Hire Handyman' upgrade, 0= Not owned and Purchasable, 1= Purchased



m2=(#): Molten Freddy's appearance, 0= doesn't appear at night, 1= appears at night

m3=(#): Scraptrap's appearance, 0= doesn't appear at night, 1= appears at night

m4=(#): Scrap Baby's appearance, 0= doesn't appear at night, 1= appears at night

m5=(#): Lefty's appearance, 0= doesn't appear at night, 1= appears at night (If Lefty was bought, delete '411=1' or set it to '411=0' along with deleting 'm5=1' or setting it to 'm5=0')


Day Summary Mode/Menu

salvage=(#): Amount of money you gained from a slavage... the game uses this to calculate Salvage Revenue in the Day Summary


Lawsuit Mode/Menu

maxsuits=(#): Maximum number of lawsuits the player can get

suit(lawsuitNumber#)=(#): The status and severity of the lawsuit, prices are in the following configuration: Settle (#*$100), Fees (25 + #*$50)

status(lawsuitNumber#)=(#): The user has Settled this or not, 0= Pending, 1= Settled, 2= Won

clear(lawsuitNumber#)=(#): This lawsuit not is done or not, 0= Not Done, 1= Done


ID Lists


101: Balloon Barrel

102: Discount Ball Pit

103: Paper Cups and Plates

104: Colorful Cups and Plates

105: Single Stage

106: Double Stage

107: Sanitation Station

108: Discount Cooling Unit

109: Duck Pond

110: Bucket Bob

111: Mr. Can Do

112: Mr. Hugs

113: No. 1 Crate

114: Pan Stan

115: Paperpals

201: Foil Party Set

202: Enhanced Speaker Set

203: Deluxe Speaker Set

204: Fruity Maze Arcade

205: Midnight Motorist Arcade

206: Gumball Swivelhands

207: Neon Stage Lights

208: Sturdy Stage

209: Sturdy Stage- Extended

210: Novelty Traffic Light

211: Happy Frog

212: Mr. Hippo

213: Nedd Bear

214: Pigpatch

215: Candy Cadet

301: Star Curtain Stage

302: Deluxe Concert Stage

303: Ballpit Tower

304: Ladder Tower

305: Carnival Hoops

306: Riding Rockets

307: Lemonade Clown

308: Fruit Punch

309: Neon Jukebox

310: Medical Stations

311: Security Doors

312: Rockstar Freddy

313: Rockstar Bonnie

314: Rockstar Chica

315: Rockstar Foxy

401: Balloon Cart

402: Confetti Tile Floor

403: Deluxe Ball Pit

404: Disco Pizza Light

405: Egg Baby (Data Archive)

406: Neon Party Set

407: Gravity Vortex

408: Orville Elephant

409: Prize King

410: Security Puppet

411: Lefty

412: Music Man

413: El Chip

414: Funtime Chica

415: Pickles


1: Balloon Barrel

2: Discount Ball Pit

3: Duck Pond

4: Candy Cadet

5: Fruity Maze

6: Midnight Motorist

7: Ballpit Tower

8: Carnival Hoops

9: Fruit Punch Clown

10: Ladder Tower

11: Lemonade Clown

12: Riding Rockets

13: Balloon Cart

14: Deluxe Ball Pit

15: Egg Baby (Data Archive)

16: Gravity Vortex

17: Security Puppet

18: Prize King


1: Bucket Bob

2: Mr. Can Do

3: Mr. Hugs

4: No. 1 Crate

5: Pan Stan

6: Happy Frog

7: Mr. Hippo

8: Nedd Bear

9: Pigpatch

10: Rockstar Freddy

11: Rockstar Bonnie

12: Rockstar Chica

13: Rockstar Foxy

14: Orville Elephant

15: Music Man

16: Lefty

17: El Chip

18: Funtime Chica


1: Midnight Motorist

2: Fruity Maze

3: Security Puppet


1: Paper Cups and Plates

2: Colorful Cups and Plates

3: Foil Party Set

4: Neon Party Set


1: Single Stage

2: Double Stage

3: Sturdy Stage

4: Sturdy Stage - Extended

5: Deluxe Concert Stage


1: Enhanced Speaker Set

2: Deluxe Speaker Set


0: Starting Floorplan (has 4 game slots)

1: $250 Floorplan (has 6 game slots)

2: $1000 Floorplan (has 8 game slots)


1: Trash and the Gang

2: Mediocre Melodies

3: Rockstars Assemble

4: Posh Pizzeria


1: Fiztime Pop Soda

2: Marty's Plungers

3: Flo's Glossy Floss

4: Wally's Wacky Warts

5: Lally's Lollies


1: Stan's Budget Tech

2: Smiles and Servos, Inc.

3: Rare Finds Auction


they range from 1 (top-left) to 8 (bottom-right)


they range from 1 (middle/left) to 5 (curtain)


they range from 1 (Monday) to 6 (Saturday)


1: Catalog/Blueprint Mode

2: Night Mode (Main Gameplay)

3: Salvaging Room

4: Day Summary

5: Lawsuit Menu


Unknown Values/Parameters Meanings