Pliers and Wire Cutters : OSH Answers

11 Nov.,2022


diagonal cutting pliers uses

Pliers are made in various shapes and sizes and for many uses. Some are used for gripping something round like a pipe or rod, some are used for twisting wires, and others are designed to be used for a combination of tasks including cutting wire. There are also tools that are used just for cutting wires (as opposed to wire cable and rope). Use the correct pliers or wire cutters for the job.

Proper use of side cutting (lineman's) pliers:

  • Many applications including electrical, communications and construction work
  • Use to grip, splice or cut wires, and strip insulation.

Proper use of long nose pliers:

  • Use to grip small objects, reach awkward places, holding wires, bend loops, and attach wires
  • Work involving smaller gauge wire.

Proper use of utility pliers:

  • Use to grip round square, flat and hexagonal objects.
  • Can apply limited torque (twisting force) without damaging the work.

Proper use of diagonal cutting pliers:

  • For work involving cutting and skinning wires, cutting and removing pins, nails and other fasteners.

Proper use of flat nose pliers:

  • Common pliers, used in many applications and assembly work.
  • Use to grip, turn and bend wires.

Proper use of slip joint pliers:

  • Used to adjust nuts or bolts.

Proper use of end cutting pliers

  • Use for cutting wires, nails, rivets close to work.