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11 Nov.,2022



Modular systems have succeeded in finding their way into the lives of many people, from LEGO construction toys to IKEA’s modular furniture.

Article by ISCAR.

In metalworking, typical examples of these systems are unit-built machines and modular fixtures. As for cutting tools, modular structures have proven their efficiency in this area as well, and various tool manufacturers have developed their own modular products that are popular with their customers. The main benefits of modularity are versatility and time savings. A modular concept facilitates the quick and easy building of an optimally customized cutting tool using an assembly of standardized elements. Hence, customers don’t have to order a costly, specialised tool and wait months for delivery. If a tool is urgently needed for immediate production, a suitable solution is close at hand.

This concept contributes to reducing warehouse stock and diminishing inventory lists that cut manufacturing costs. However, the modular tool concept is not free of disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the decrease of rigidity; an assembly of several elements is not as stiff as an integral product and the assembled structure may lose accuracy when compared to a one-piece design. When deciding on a particular tool, both advantages and disadvantages of the modular concept need to be considered. The customer is the only one that can decide which is the best tool for his needs based on production strategy, current production demands, or an immediate need for a tool. The cutting tool manufacturer should provide the customer with the means to make the correct choice and at the same time continue to develop modular products that achieve greater adaptability, rigidity, and accuracy.

A glance at ISCAR’s modular cutting tools makes it possible to showcase the design features of a product.

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