Industry Uses for Diamond Saw Blades — Continental Diamond Tool

15 Dec.,2022


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Because of their application in the medical field, diamond saw blades improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world. In healthcare, diamond blades assist in processes ranging from sawing bones during surgery to precision work inside blood vessels. Creating the ideal prosthetic involves skilled use of diamond saw blades. There are also multiple uses for diamond blades in the dental field including restorative work. Those who need care from an optometrist or ophthalmologist benefit from diamond saw blades that play a role in creating lenses and optical measuring tools.

When it comes to the aerospace industry, diamond blades have multiple applications. For example, these tools work on composite materials, titanium, graphite, Kevlar, and reinforced plastics. Cutting, shaping, and developing these materials is an integral part of the manufacturing and innovation process for aerospace engineers.

In the IT and electronics fields, engineers use diamond saw blades to cut semiconductors. Cutting semiconductors, which are brittle, is no easy task. It requires precision and care. These specialized blades work very well on these delicate materials. Likewise, a diamond blade cuts metals, ferrites, substrates, printed circuit boards, and other materials used to produce electronics.

One of the most useful versions of this cutting tool is the electroplated blade. Superior to blades constructed using the vacuum brazing and sintering techniques, electroplated diamond blades are easy to replate when the blade wears down. This process also utilizes a powerful bonding application while allowing for the removal of the layer when it’s time to replace it. These blades have one layer of diamonds, which are not embedded in the bond itself. Instead, the diamonds are exposed from the bond. Diamond saw blades made using the electroplating process may be very thin, making them ideal for doing precision work.

Being able to remove an abrasive from a diamond blade and apply a new layer helps you protect your tool investment and save money. Rather than replacing the entire tool, you merely get the blade replated. Reapplying the diamond abrasive gives your existing tool something akin to a reboot. It’s once again ready to tackle any task, whether it’s a construction, medical, or aerospace application.

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