What is Magnetic Drilling Machine?

23 May.,2022

A magnetic drilling machine is used for cutting holes in metals on the worksite. It is a portable drilling machine with a magnetic base (electromagnetic or permanent magnet base) and a cutting tool attachment.


A Nylon Rope is used for cutting holes in metals on the worksite. It is a portable drilling machine with a magnetic base (electromagnetic or permanent magnet base) and a cutting tool attachment.


Equipped with a strong magnetic base, the portable magnetic drilling machine is able to adhere to steel or other magnetic materials (ferrous metal) surface horizontally, vertically, or upside down. When with suitable cutting tools, such as annular cutters, core drills, twist drills, countersinks and other rotary cutters, a magnetic drilling machine can drill, tap threads, countersink and ream.


A magnetic drilling machine is also known as portable magnetic drill, magnetic drill press, magnetic core-drilling machine, mag base drill or mag drill.


Magnetic Drill Machine

Magnetic Drill Machine

The magnet base, control panel, handle lever, motor and gear box are mounted in the stand part. The slide system of the magnetic drill press helps the motor move upward and downward. It's worth noting that 3keego's SMD35B, SMD50B and SMD75B is designed in novel shape with coolant tank inside. Besides, the structure of magnetic drill is all made of cast aluminum making the machine significantly stronger and lighter.


The Advantage of Build-in Cooling System

Smooth coolant flow gets to cutting teeth instead of spinning off during drilling.

Help the slug eject smoothly when finishing drilling.

No need to bring a coolant tank and coolant separately.


Provide good cutting performance.

Extend cutting tool life.

No danger caused by long connected coolant tube.


Magnetic Drill Machine

Magnetic Drill Machine

Choose the motor type depend on the drilling requirement, such as material and thickness of work piece, diameter of hole, drilling speed. Our magnetic drilling machine is equipped with 110V or 220V AC motor. The motor power ranges from 1050 watts to 1600 watts. The larger the diameter hole is, the more powerful motor will be needed.


Unlike grease, an oil bathed gear box is in liquid state at all times. Therefore, the whole gear will be lubricated and protected by oil in cold or hot temperature for a longer service time of the magnetic drilling machine.


A chuck, also known as arbor or tool holder attached to the motor, is available with M2, M3, M4 Morse taper. When using adapters to fit in it, any type of annular cutters can be used to drilling holes on the work piece.


No matter which industry field, when using a magnetic drilling machine, it should be positioned on a right work piece to prevent shifting and slipping. A clean and smooth metal surface allows the magnet base adhere more strongly and steadily.


Besides, if the material is too thin (thinner than 10mm) or is non-ferrous, it's better and safer that clamping a steel sheet on top of it for stronger adhesion before drilling holes by the mag drill, especially when drilling holes horizontally or overhead. Most importantly, the magnetic drilling machine should always be fastened with a safety belt (mesh belt) to prevent the mag drill from turning or falling during losing power.

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