How to use diamond grinding wheel for stone

31 May.,2022


    This product is a true time saver. It leaves the surface very smooth at an approximate grain of 120. We tested this tool on a piece of hard granite and compared it with a traditional segmented grinding wheel - see the results below.


How to use diamond grinding wheel for stone      Coarse scratches like the ones on the left are usually left by traditional segmented grinding wheels. The smooth effect of the cluster formation saves time by preparing the stone for polishing, as shown on the left.

How to use diamond grinding wheel for stoneAn RPM (revolutions per minute) speed of between 10,000 and a maximum of 12,000 is recommended. They screw directly onto a dry polishing machine with variable speed for extra control. We recommended that a grinding guard with a dust extractor is used to remove the material being ground and to offer respiratory protection.

How to use diamond grinding wheel for stone

Large Grinding Segments With Heat Treated Cup Design.
Arbor Hole In The Center : 7/8-Inch.
Use Dry/Wet To Smooth Concrete Or Field Stone.
Suitable For Use On Grinding On Marble, Tile, Concrete And Rock..


  • High Diamond concentration for long life and aggressive material removal
  • Suitable for use on grinding on marble, tile, concrete and rock.
  • Large grinding segments with heat treated cup design
  • Use Dry/Wet to smooth Concrete or Field Stone
  • Arbor hole in the center : 7/8-Inch
  • HSS Annular Cutter