Best Smartwatch Buying Guide

16 Feb.,2023


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Just like your computer and smartphone, smartwatches run on operating systems with distinct apps. Many Android watches use Google’s Wear OS while Apple Watches run on Apple’s Watch OS. And Fitbit smartwatches have their own operating system. 

Our testers say there are a variety of issues to consider, from how easy a smartwatch is to recharge to the responsiveness of basic inputs like the ease of interaction (the watch’s ability to respond quickly to user inputs) and the accuracy of step counts and heart rate monitoring. Battery life can vary from less than a day to more than a week.

Here are a few important considerations.

• Compatibility: Above all, make sure the smartwatch will be compatible with your existing smartphone. If you have an iPhone, you may want an Apple Watch, which allows you to use some of the same apps you use on your phone. On the Android side, remember that some smartwatches, like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4, give you more functionality if you’re using one of the company’s phones.

• Comfort: Your smartwatch should be comfortable to wear, so if the one you’re trying seems large and clunky, keep on shopping. Note that fit actually does make a difference when it comes to getting accurate heart rate readings: A strap that’s floppy or even too tight can throw off the watch’s sensors.

• Battery life: This can range from one day to as long as 10 days, depending not only on the watch’s battery but also on how you use the watch. Certain apps—GPS is one example—are especially power-hungry.

• Water resistance: Most smartwatches are at least somewhat water-resistant, but only certain models can handle a dip in the pool or a deeper dive. Check the specs if this is an important feature to you.

• Charging: Some smartwatches come with convenient wireless chargers. Others come with snap-on docks for charging, while some require a cable that plugs into the watch itself.

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