7 Simple Tricks to Alleviate Back Pain While Traveling Using Travel Seat Cushions

24 Nov.,2022


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7 Simple Tricks to Alleviate Back Pain While Traveling Using Travel Seat Cushions

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed a lot of things in the recent past. Travel restrictions were one of the major setbacks that caused a lot of physical issues and mental stress among people, as there was less social interaction, and no new learnings; people were confined to the boundaries of their homes.

According to a study by TransAmerica Center for Retirement Studies and Global Commission on Aging, traveling keeps you healthier. Men and women who traveled at least twice a year exhibit a lower risk of heart attack than those who traveled once in the past six years. Traveling lowers the risk of depression, relieves stress, boosts creativity, happiness, and satisfaction!  However, what about those who can’t travel due to back pain issues?

Lower back pain is a global problem and is the leading cause of global disability.

80% of Americans would experience back pain at some point in their life.

Lumbar Support Pillow: A Perfect Solution

Many people restrict themselves from traveling long distances because of their back pain issues, such as degenerated discs, back injuries, fidgeting, coccydynia, compressed discs, hip pain, etc. Long journeys demand long sitting hours, which directly affect the lower back muscles, which may start paining due to high pressure.

According to research, lower back pain issues start between the age group of 30-50. However, back pain can occur to people of any age.


A good quality ergonomically designed pillow is a perfect option to support your lower back muscles and distribute the pressure evenly. The market is flooded with a number of options that help you offer support to your back and get relief from back pain. These include a variety of gel cushions, memory foam lumbar support pillows, and air cushions that work well in lumbar back pain issues. However, if you are a frequent traveler, you definitely need an all-rounder travel cushion that alleviates your back pain and helps make your journey smooth. Ergo21 car seat cushions, original cushions, lumbar & travel cushions are the best choice as they are developed using advanced LiquiCell technology. This technology features four water-filled membranes that are hand-stitched on the cushion. These membranes allow your body to glide as they distribute pressure evenly to the lower back and thigh muscles and reduce numbness, fidgeting. This results in improved blood perfusion in the tissues and offers instant relief from tailbone pain.

Tips to Alleviate Back Pain While Traveling

Traveling has become easier as numerous options are available in the market, which helps you choose the right support for your lumbar back while you are on the move. However, there are certain tips and tricks that you could keep in mind to make your journey smooth and safe, especially if you have lower back pain.



  1. Comfort Comes First! : Although this is quite obvious, make a conscious effort to ensure the right posture and comfortable seating whether you are driving or sitting on a plane. Don’t slouch or reach out to the steering wheel, rather keep your knees straight, slightly higher than your hips. Use travel seat cushions to enhance comfort and support your lower back. Remove keys or wallet from the back pocket that may obstruct the sitting position. You can also use Ergo21 original seat cushions that work wonders to support your lumbar back.


  1. Avoid Bumps to Ensure a Smooth Ride: It is of utmost importance to do a recce on the routes, especially if you are traveling by road. If it’s a bumpy ride, make sure to sit on a passenger seat. Choose wisely and make the right decision when it comes to selecting the type of vehicle. Don’t forget to use a coccyx cushion or a lumbar support pillow that would enhance the cushioning and alleviate the pressure on the tailbone.


  1. Take Short Breaks – Move in and Out: For people with back pain issues, it is imperative to take small breaks while traveling on a long journey. Long hours of sitting position can cause stiffness in the muscles and elevate the back pain, even if you are using a high-quality travel cushion. Therefore, it is essential to take small breaks after every 30 minutes; this will improve blood circulation and offer you relief from the pain.


  1. Change your Position Frequently: Sitting in the same position while traveling can put a strain on your lower back muscles. To avoid this, keep changing your position or stretching your muscles. Ergo21 original seat cushions are a great option to carry along while traveling. These are versatile and perfect for use while driving or in offices, homes, mobility scooters, etc. These can also be used as a wheelchair cushion.


  1. Heat or Cold Therapy: Warm up your muscles before the journey by using the hot or cold therapy as prescribed by your clinician. While cold therapy is effective in swelling and inflammation, hot therapy is perfect to alleviate the pain. It relaxes the muscles and improves blood flow.

  1. Use a Travel CushionRelax and Enjoy the Ride: Try to lower your stress by getting comfortable. Listen to music, enjoy the scenic beauty and use super-comfy Ergo21 travel set cushions that feature liquid-filled membranes that help improve your blood circulation by 150%.

  1. Watch your Posture: This is the first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind while traveling. You can use lumbar support pillows to support your body. The right position can help you complete your journey easily without any discomfort.


If you are planning your next trip but are scared to spend a lot of time in the same position, follow these simple yet effective tricks to make your journey smooth. If you are a cyclist, you can also opt for a cycle cushion that enhances your experience. It is also suitable for gym equipment and spin classes so that you can enjoy your everyday activities. Ergo21 has recently come up with a car seat cushion combo pack for driving & travel that includes original, lumbar & travel cushions.


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I have a connective tissue disorder, and was getting overwhelmed researching the hundreds of types of cushions. For reference, I am small-framed (5’2″, 98 lbs), and I bruise very easily. Just sitting or lying for too long on a hard surface can cause me injury, but very soft surfaces like memory foam cause my body to collapse and subluxate in pain. All the cushions I found in stores were aimed at big, stocky types and hurt to sit on. All the soft memory foam ones would feel nice initially but at best, I’d lose my circulation after a little bit, and at worst, I’d subluxate and spiral into pain management mode. I was excited to read about Ergo21’s line of cushions that don’t impede circulation, and are also designed to fit unique body sizes and weight distributions. This cushion is the recommended version for small frames and people with connective tissue pain. I also have the lumbar cushion and just ordered the Sport cushion because my PT recommended I sit on a wedge version on long car rides. I spoke with the Ergo21 owner on the brand’s website and he was particularly helpful and informative.