Do you Know the Development of Shirts?

15 Mar.,2021

As a Polyester Cotton Fabric Wholesale, I would like to share with you.


As a polymer batteries, I would like to share with you.

Before shirts are generally worn on the surface and have multiple ways to wear them, they are often only used as supporting roles. The role of shirts, the evolution from underwear to middle clothes, can be traced back to the late 15th century when tops and vests appeared in male clothing. The shirt is worn under the waistcoat and in the middle of the jacket. Modern suit styles are very common. It can also be said that the style of the collar and cuffs exposed from the top was established at this time.

Cotton Fabric for Shirting

Cotton Fabric for Shirting

After entering the 16th century, shirts with large waists and sleeves and comfortable shirts appeared. You can see the slit in the front of the shirt and the decorative lace and lotus leaf trim on the chest. The cuffs are also ruffled, and the wrists are covered by ruffled lace. This was the most authentic aristocratic way at that time.

After the shirt and vest were fixed, the presence of the shirt became very thin. But the upper class gave him a new meaning. Keeping the shirt clean and wearing a snow-white shirt is considered a new status symbol.

"Don't use perfume on shirts, have many fine cotton shirts. Wash clothes in rural cottages with pure running water and air" has become a gentleman's aesthetic statement. This is a revolution for shirts immersed in perfume and body odor. Whether you have a variety of shirts, whether you are willing to spend money on them, and whether you keep your shirts clean, have also become the main basis for judging their social status.

At the end of the 19th century, the collar was almost as high as the ears, and the color was white. Replacement collars are also on sale, mostly with a collar height of 10cm, and high-collar shirts of 12cm have also appeared.

Subsequently, with the development of the second industry, the white-collar class increased, and the standard style of suits for gentlemen and business people was also determined. Shirts are gradually advancing with white as the center in matching suits and ties, and chemical fibers are also developed from cotton. Anti-shrinkage, anti-wrinkle and other functional processing have also been developed, and the price has also been reduced. Gradually, shirts have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people and become popular clothing. The characteristic of this type of shirt is that the material is easier to take care of, even without ironing for life. On the other hand, it also unveiled the prelude to the branding and subdivision of shirts. The use of high-grade pure cotton fabrics and tailor-made high-grade linings are also gradually appearing. This type of shirt pays more attention to the shirt's own fabric and craftsmanship, and the fabrics are more sophisticated. , The craftsmanship is more complex to satisfy the middle class and those who pursue taste and quality of life. In this way, the modernization of shirts has gradually formed a polarization of popularization and quality.

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