Understanding the Cost of Building a Backyard Basketball Court

30 Mar.,2023


Do you need BWF Badminton Court Mat solution? Choose us as your partner and we will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you.

Base Material is exactly that – the material that lies underneath your court. The base material option that we use most often is concrete because it provides the most stable surface in all types of changing weather – this is very important, especially here in New England.

Concrete is considered an ideal base for sport courts. As a permanent structure, using concrete as the base will not require maintenance as would stone dust or asphalt.  When using concrete as the base for a sport court, a 4” thick concrete pad is poured using 4000 psi concrete. Rebar can be installed in the concrete during the pour to reinforce its strength further. Stone dust can also be used as a base and will require yearly maintenance to level and maintain.



A less permanent option for a base material is Sport Court’s environmentally friendly Sport Base.  If your property has lot coverage restrictions, wetland restrictions or zoning challenges, this modular base may be the perfect solution. Sport Base is a popular product used throughout the US and provides various advantages for homeowners. As an eco-friendly alternative to concrete, Sport Base reduces the need for heavy equipment and may help to avoid wetland and easement limitations. Sport Base is also safer than concrete, has 2-3 times the amount of shock absorption and has the highest head-impact rating to help protect against injuries and falls.  Another bonus to using Sport Base as a base material for your sport court is the fact that you can pack up your backyard court and move it with you when you relocate!


Regardless of which base material you choose, Sport Court of MA can provide general specifications and estimates for your sport court. The cost of the base will vary depending on the material you choose, among other factors. Local and state building codes, accessibility, drainage and environmental codes should all be considered when determining the cost of your court base.

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