How to Use Wrist Wraps

15 Feb.,2023


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For athletes who like lifting weights, wrist pain can be quite unpleasant. 

Progressive overload is essential for muscle growth, but keeping your wrists straight under heavy weights might be tough even with a modified grip.

Wrist injuries are no joke! 

Wrist pain doesn’t only happen during snatching and jerking but also when performing traditional strength exercises like the bench press and overhead press. The pressure on the wrist is extremely high, especially when lifting weights; a significant force acts on the wrist. 

This is why wrist straps are an excellent accessory to have when lifting. Wrist wraps provide benefits besides stability, such as warming and circulation-promoting effects. By removing the potential of grip failure, you can lift as much as you physically can, with no further limitations.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to use wrist wraps with our very own Bells of Steel Mighty Wrist Wraps that are designed specifically to help you lift heavier, safely.

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