20+ Best Mat Mockups (Yoga Mats, Doormats, & Rug Mockups)

22 Sep.,2022


customiser yoga mat

Do you make cool designs specifically for yoga mats, rugs, and doormats? Then you're going to need great mat mockups to show off your designs to clients or promote them online. 

Today we showcase over 20 of the best mat mockups you can find at Placeit and Envato Elements. 

Unlimited Mat Mockups at Placeit

Placeit is an affordable online design generator that provides high-quality mockups, designs, logos, and videos. It's designed to suit a range of budgets. You can buy one digital resource at a time, or if you regularly need mockups, logos, and various designs, you can sign up for a low monthly or yearly plan that gives you access to unlimited downloads of any and all the digital assets available at Placeit. 

The great thing about Placeit is that you don't have to know complicated software like Photoshop to use it. That's because you can customise Placeit's mockup templates directly from your browser and download them in a matter of seconds. Watch this video to find out how easy it is to customise any type of mockup.

How to Customise a Mockup at Placeit

Now that you understand how easy it is to customise a mockup at Placeit, let's look at the terrific mat mockups on offer there.  

Yoga mats are a great canvas to show off your unique designs. This yoga mat mockup, which depicts a woman rolling up her mat, shows your design clearly in a real-life context.

Mockup Doormat With Sunflowers and Gardening Gloves is a great choice for showing off your latest design. Just use the "Insert Image" button to add your images, and your mockup will be ready to download in a matter of seconds.

How about this great photorealistic scenario for showing off your yoga mat design? The woman's body in a modified plank post hovering over the mat and creates a great frame for your design.

This table mat mockup is a great way to showcase your table mat design. Just add your design using the "Insert Image" button and your work is done. 

Rug Mockup offers a simple but effective layout. Perfect for showing off a personalised rug design. 

Sublimation Door Mats is another minimalist layout which keeps your design front and centre. A great way to show off your latest design. 

A cosy layout which includes just enough of a living-room scene to let viewers know where they are, this rug mockup is perfect for showcasing beautiful artistic designs. 

Choose this wonderful Sublimation Doormat With Gold Watering Can when you have an elegant design that you want to show off in the best way possible. The gold watering can adds a touch of lux while creating a frame with the flowers around the mat. 

Use this yoga mat mockup to promote your yoga practice, spa, or other health and wellness business. All you need to do is use the "Insert Image" button to add your design to the template.

What do you think of this terrific photorealistic mockup, which offers both a sports bra and a yoga mat mockup? It offers a great way to reinforce a design or logo. 

Like the idea of the sports bra and yoga mat mockup combo? Well, here's another option with a different model in a different pose. Use the separate "Insert Image" buttons to add your designs to the template.

What a great way to keep all eyes on your logo! This photorealistic template of a woman's hands rolling up her logo mat just gives enough detail for viewers to focus on the most important information in the scene. 

We are living in the age of inspirational quotations, and what better way to show off your inspirational quote design than on this bedside rug mockup? 

Here's another terrific double mockup. This one features a tank top mockup and a yoga mat mockup. The mockup comes with two "Insert Image" buttons so you can add different designs if you want to. 

Blank Doormat Mockup Over Granite Floor offers a simple canvas for you to showcase your doormat design. Upload your design in seconds using the "Insert Image" button.

Yoga Mat Mockup With Plants is a great way to showcase your logo or design. This template offers a wonderful natural feel with natural light shining on lovely wooden floors and a healthy plant.

If you love the mockup above this one but want to control the background look of your mockup, then this is a great choice for you. With this template, you can leave the background transparent to incorporate it into the background of your choice, select your preferred background colour or use one of the custom backgrounds that come with the template. 

Welcome Mat Mockup Placed by Some Sandals is just what you need when you've created a stunning design for a doormat. The shoes are a nice touch that says, "Come in and relax."

Unlimited Mat Mockups at Envato Elements

If you have great Photoshop skills, then Envato Elements is another great option for you. It offers thousands of premium mockups, graphic templates, logos, photos, fonts, and much more. What makes this service outstanding is that for one low monthly fee, you can download as many of these digital assets as you like, as often as you like.

Let's take a look at some of the terrific mat mockups available from Envato Elements. 

Showcase your brand designs with these yoga mat mockups. There are four different mockups included, and all are fully editable in Photoshop, so that you can add your own designs and change the background to suit your needs.

This template contains four terrific blank doormat mockups that you can use to showcase your logo or creative designs. The templates are well organised in layers and easy to customise.

If you are looking for a round rug mockup, this one is perfect for you. Use it to communicate an inspirational quote, your brand, or a creative design. There are four mockups available in this template.

Carpet PSD Mockup contains one file that is well organised in layers to make customisation easy. Use the smart object to place your design in the template, hit save, and your work is done.

Choose Your Favourite Mat Mockups

Now that you know just where to find the best mat mockups when you need them, head to Placeit and Envato Elements and download your favourite mockup today. 

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