The Truth About Inline Skates: 3 Wheel vs. 4 Wheel

11 Aug.,2022


Our 2 Cents

Many people are upgrading to 3×110 and 3×125 frames. The 125mm wheels would be too big for any 4-wheel setup. They are pleasing to look at and are against the norm of most inline skates. They are also a lot of fun because they get you off the line quicker than a 4-wheel setup and you can whip around super fast while being super agile. 3 wheel setups are also great for kids! The smaller boot needs a smaller frame and the 3 wheel setup allows kids to get the larger wheels to accomplish speed they want.

This setup disperses the weight of a skater over more wheels which maintains the integrity of the wheel while skating. Speed skaters push off with their toes and this setup allows them to do that with 2 wheels on the ground instead of 1. More wheels on the ground while doing crossovers allows for the skater’s full weight to be distributed among more wheels instead of just the one they would have on a 3-wheel setup. It does take a bit longer to get to the higher speed but it is a much higher speed (once you reach it) than the 3-wheel setups.

These skate styles are almost exclusively for slalom and dance style skaters. The rockered frame allows for a center pivot point that can allow for amazing moves in this type of skating. The nimbleness that this frame provides makes for an awesome audience experience when watching these 2 types of skating. There is much less stability in this kind of setup and those who want to slalom or dance skate will need to learn to balance on less wheels so that they may achieve the increased maneuverability they’ll get from the setup.