Roller & Quad Speed Skates

11 Aug.,2022


If you are looking for roller speed skates, it can be a challenging activity because there are different brands available in the market.

In this article, we have reviewed the best speed skates for you to select including those that are affordable, specifically designed for women, and high performance.

Speed skating can be done using different types of skates including inline speed skates and quad speed skates.

Finding the right speed skates will ensure that you have a great experience while speeding away in your neighborhood.

Speed skating has grown in popularity in recent years and most people have been engaged in the sport for several reasons such as burning a few calories and spending time with family and friends.

Whether you want to speed skate for fun or fitness, ensure that you find the right skate that fits your feet perfectly without feeling too tight or too loose.

There are factors that you need to consider when buying a speed skate such as the boot material, bearings, plates, trucks, and your size. This will be further explained in the buying guide.

Editor's Choice

VNLA Jr. Tuxedo Speed Skates

Our Rating - 100%

Our top choice for the best speed skates is the classy VNLA JR. Tuxedo Jam Skates. They are designed to match your performance and style. With a tough lining and a rubber outsole, they are strong and durable and will last you for a long time. The plates and trucks increase the stability of the skates.

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Best Inline Speed Skates

VNLA X1 Speed Inline Skates

Our Rating - 100%

A great choice for inline speed skates is the VNLA X1 Skates which come with a leather boot to provide extreme durability and support. These boots provide a customized fit because they have heat-molding properties. You can use them in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Women Specific

VNLA Jr. Zona Rosa Speed Skates

Our Rating - 97%

VNLA JR. Zona Rosa Jam skates are the perfect choice for women skaters looking for inline skates made of quality materials. The leather and denim in VNLA JR. skates provide maximum comfort and a suitable skating experience.

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Budget Friendly

Rock GT-50 Roller Skates

Our Rating - 95%

A budget-friendly speed skate that is very comfortable is the Rock GT-50 Classic Indoor skates. These skates are perfect for all levels and ages because they are easy to use for beginners and robust enough for advanced and intermediate skaters. You can also use them for derby skating, jam skating, and rink skating.

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10 Best Speed Skates (2022)

The following are the best speed skates that you can choose from including their design, performance, advantages, and disadvantages.

Speed skates like any other roller skates come in different styles of boots, whether low-cut or high-top.

It depends on your experience level and the amount of stability that you need.

1. VNLA Junior Tuxedo Speed Skates

Best Quad Speed Skates (Editor’s Choice)


Jam skates and Vanilla go hand in hand. They blend uniquely with contemporary style and functionality, making them one of the most popular brands.

The Junior Tuxedo has the spirit of grace, elegance, and style. The boot is stylish with white and black leather trim, stitched outsole, and durable lining.

The skates are great and very comfortable. They have nylon plates, 62m Backspin wheels, tuxedo boot, and ABEC-7 bearings.


The black and white fully stitched leather boots are durable and strong. The leather helps against toes scuffing and does not show the marks to some degree as previous Vanilla junior models.

The VNLA Junior Tuxedo skates are or skaters who want to keep it classy. They are designed and tested by the Vanilla team.

Tuxedo introduced a skate with a style and performance that was inspired by Brandon Perea who is the world’s most popular skater.

The skate has a strongly stitched rubber outsole and tough boot lining. Its frame comes with a nylon plate with aluminum trucks. The skates have ABEC-9 bearings with super light Backspin Tuxedo wheels.


  • Leather boots prevent toe scuffing.
  • Classy with high performance.
  • Strong and durable.


  • Not suitable for narrow feet.

2. VNLA X1 Speed Inline Skates

Best Inline Speed Skates


The VNLA X1 speed skaters are for skaters who want to break into fitness speed skating. The skates are built for action and skaters of all ages and have carbon boots that come with heat molding for a comfortable fit.

They have tough wheels that keep the skate rolling smoothly over all terrains. The ABEC-9 bearings help to effortlessly skate with high end speed. The X1 ensures that the feet are safe and secure.

They are meant for the long haul and have high quality and durable materials. Each pair of skates has wheels with 100mm diameter and 85A hardness.


The VNLA X1 skates have a leather boot with carbon fiber heels for extreme durability and support. This skate has instructions for molding with heat if you want a custom fit.

They come with laces, an adjustable strap, and a ratchet buckle for a customized fit each time.

Every pair has a set of racing wheels which make them durable. The ABEC 9 bearings provide a fast and super smooth roll on the rinks.

The skates’ boots sit on top of VNLA 7000 series aluminum plates making them ultra-lightweight and ready for anything. It is suitable for beginning speed, fitness, or frequent rink session skaters.


  • Heat-moldable for a custom fit.
  • Durable and offer strong support.
  • Fast and smooth when rolling on them.


  • Could not find one.

3. VNLA Junior Zona Rosa Skates

Women Specific


They are beautiful with leather and denim to offer a great skating experience and maximum comfort.

It has a new jam wheel with a diameter of 62mm*42mm and ABEC 9 bearings hence providing a great surface for skating with urethane.

The uppers of these skates have an outsole and a lace cover. They are great for jam skates.  They have stealth wheels measuring 62mm by 42mm with a hardness of 93A.

The skates have bearings with an ABEC-9. The boots leather and denim combination provides maximum comfort and an ideal skating experience. The combination is also unique.

They have new wheels that give a great surface for skating with urethane.


The VNLA junior Zona Rosa skates have indoor wheels and nylon plates with improved trucks for better grip and outstanding rolls.

The Vanilla boots have extra softness and durability with a touch of eye-catching color style of denim and leather exteriors.

The ABEC 9 bearings and the premium frame provide improved versatility and stability without any restrictions.

The denim and leather provide superior comfort and long-lasting performance. They have padded interiors for comfort and make the feet secure.


  • Fun design elements
  • Bearing rating of ABEC-9.
  • Made of both leather and denim
  • Cost-effective.


  • The color of the boots is a little different than what is mentioned.

4. Rock-GT 50 Classic Indoor Skates

Budget Friendly


These skates are perfect beginner skates for children to adults.  They are fully functioning and feature a synthetic leather boot, rock plate, swirl wheels with ABEC-5 bearings, and a speed toe-stop.

They are ideal for beginner roller derby and recreational skating. Some large skates come with an aluminum Super X plate.

They are designed on Men’s sizing; therefore, women should size down one size.  These skates are a little wider for comfort. The wheels offer plenty of grips.

For performance, they may need to upgrade the bearings and wheels. The non-marking black toe stop is adjustable using an open-ended retch.


The split vinyl toe box with an adjustable strap near the top of the boot and a straight cut toe-stop offer more usability when skating. They have a toe stop made of rubber to help you stop quickly and can also be used when starting.

The back vinyl reinforced cover offers more protection and for extra comfort, they have a rolled collar and a loop on the boot designed to assist you while putting on a skate.

The plate is mounted towards the back of the boot for added stability. Also, slightly behind wheels is the ball of the foot.

They have Sure-Grip metal trucks to provide strength and solid steel hardware with urethane cushions. The indoor wheels are made using the best material that provides increased speed.

The boots’ laces go all the way to the top and have a secure strap that goes all the way to the heel to provide support. The cushioned tongue has comfort padded lining.


  • Cheaper
  • Last longer.
  • Customized fit


  • Trucks are not durable.

5. Riedell 395 Sunlite Fugitive Speed Skates

High Performance


The Riedell 395 boots are slightly wider than other boots. They also have a slightly high toe box which creates a large feeling inside the boot.

The Riedell 2395 Sunlite Fugitive Indoor speed skates come with nylon plates, leather boots, ABEC-7 bearings, toe-stops, and wheels.


These skates are snug fit with model 395 boot that is ideal for speed skating because it wraps around the feet like gloves.

The skate toe design features an attached lace cover with more toe space than traditional lace-to-toe skate boots does not sacrifice the full contact fit.

The skates are made from full-grain soles sorted by hand and leather that is sewn and glued. The design can last long.

They have a combination of Cambrella lining and leather to provide comfort and the nylon ankle that allows adjusting the tightness of the collar to the skate’s performance that keeps the feet supported and secure.

The nylon plates are lightweight and agile making the skates last longer. It also has a bracing design for the plate’s optimum strength because they are lighter than aluminum plates. It is completed with a Sure-Grip mini gripper toe-stop.

The Riedell skates’ boots are heat-moldable to ensure they give the best custom fit with the medium fit. The wheels are Sure-Grip fugitive to make the skater unstoppable with the ABEC 7 bearings.

It has 92A, 64mm by 44mm wheels with flexible core, soft poly BD Urethane, soft lips, and a nice wide shape to make the wheels gripper. They also have an added Superlite nylon insert to prevent much flex when taking corners.


  • Heat-moldable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great agility.


  • Could not find one

6. Vanilla Junior Mint Roller Skates


The Vanilla Junior Mint roller skates come with indoor wheels with 92A hardness and a size of 62mm.

The VNLA skates have a toe-stop that is low-profile with a jam plug that does not get your way when doing spins and tricks.

It has a nylon plate, aluminum trucks with lock nuts, and 8mm axles. These mint skates require little to no break break-in period.

They have ABEC 9 bearings and aluminum trucks that provide freedom for skating without restrictions.


The Vanilla Junior Mint roller skates are iconic with all the components loved by skaters with fresh new colors that make one stand out in a crowd.  They have aluminum trucks and nylon plates the skater will have durability without added weight.

The Backspin wheels are 62mm by 42mm that are complete with VNLA reaction ABEC 9 bearings for superior roll.


  • Great fit with good sizing.
  • Long-lasting
  • Cheap


  • Some stoppers peeling off.

7. Sure-Grip Rebel Fugitive Speed Skates


The Sure-Grip Rebel Fugitive skates have leather boots. They also have ABEC-7 bearings, probe nylon plate, Fugitive wheels, and Carrera toe stop. All the components in Rebel Derby are performance ready to get started.

Virtually there is no break-in time, and the boots give instant comfort and stability to get rolling on the track. They come at affordable prices and come with an aluminum Super X plate.


The most outspoken characteristic of the Sure-Grip Rebel Fugitive skates is their grip just as the name says it.

Every skater wants a skate with a good grip to prevent hurting or tripping while speed skating. The skates are made of leather boots and look stylish and smooth.

The Sure-Grip Rebel Outdoor Roller skate costs almost similar to Riedell skates. Besides the cost, they are worth the coin when you compare them to other boots, they are average.

They are made from real leather, and they look shiny and smooth. They also have a sneaker design thus giving the skater a simple and modern feel when they put them on.

These skates also have good reviews from the skaters who have used them because they can roll effortlessly with them, and no gunk or dirt gets stuck to their rollers. This helps in preventing unwanted accidents.


  • Super comfortable.
  • Great and classy look.
  • Made from real leather thus can last longer.


  • Slightly costly.

8. VNLA Total Blackout Speed Quad Skates


They are regular and popular boots loved by many. They are excellent for wider feet. They have padded lining with a little heel on the back.

They are Brass Knuckle blackout skates that have top-grain hand-sorted leather stitched soles. They are made of nylon plates and Backspin wheels. They also have ABEC-9 bearings and mostly the sizes are in Men’s sizing.


These boots make the feet comfortable by cushioning them on the inside. The boots protect the feet with top grain and hand-sorted leather stitched soles.

The skates have a low cut on the lace flap to offer flexibility to the skater and the reinforced toe ensures the best performance.

They have plates that are lighter and aluminum trucks with washers and lock nuts as well as an 8mm axle.

The new Backspin Eclipse wheel is the lightest aluminum hub wheel in the market and has a new profile of 59mm*39mm. the lower center of gravity gives skaters agility and control when speed skating.

The Black hub wheels’ hardness is 95A and are designed to be light and strong. The skate is completed with an option of mini adjustable toe stops or jam plugs.


  • Comfortable boots
  • Lightweight and strong.


  • Could not find one.

9. VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Quad Skates

Best Speed Skates For Wide Feet


They are for skaters out there who are looking for good roller skates for wide feet with high performance.

These skates do not need to forego performance to find your perfect fit. They are designed for large feet.


The VNLA Freestyle roller skates provide a good experience for the perfect comfort and support.

The boots are made of durable leather for soft support with resistance and a toe box with padded and supple gloves. It also has breathable shearling lines for beauty and optimal comfort.

The toe and the heel have a c-width and are finished with a lace protector to make the skates look great when you wear them. The Sunlite plate keeps the skate lighter compared to other plates and last longer.

The wheels are the grippiest indoors because of the urethane and the wide shape. The nylon insert keeps the skates from flexing too much when cornering.


  • Durable
  • Perfect for wide feet


  • Could not find any.

10. VNLA Anniversary Freestyle Pro Jam skates


The VNLA Anniversary Freestyle Pro jam skates are for skaters looking for good roller skates for wide feet with maximum performance.

These skates do not need you to forego performance to find your perfect fit because they are designed for large feet.


The VNLA Freestyle roller skates give a wonderful experience of great comfort and support. They have leather boots that offer support to scuff resistance and a toe box with glove leather that is padded.

It also has breathable shearling lines for beauty and maximum comfort.

This skate has a C-width at the toe and its heel and is completed with an overlay lace protector that makes the skates look awesome when you put on them.

The plate makes the skate lighter and they have a patented v-bracing making them durable.

The wheels have a soft urethane and soft lips making them grip well to all indoor spaces. The extra nylon insert keeps the skate stable when cornering.


  • Durable
  • Perfect for wide feet
  • Made of top-grain leather.
  • Soft and comfortable.


  • Could not find one.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Quad Speed Skates

Sizing and Your Foot Type

The foot type and sizing are factors to be considered when choosing skates because they contribute to comfort during skating.

If you are a first-time buyer, it is a general rule of thumb to get a skate that is one size bigger than your regular shoe size unless you are guided otherwise by the size chart.

It might be difficult to select the right size but find a skate that is not too loose or too tight around your feet. Some people may need to select a size up, while some may need to find they may need to find the same size as their regular shoe.

Try on your skates first before you buy to ensure that you get the right fit and that your toes do not touch the nose of the skates.

Boot Material

Roller skates have two different types of boot materials: vinyl and leather. A skater looking for a comfortable skate can consider leather boots.

Leather is a long-lasting and natural material with the extra benefits of becoming malleable when worn. Leather skates are, however, more expensive than vinyl-made skates.

Skates usually get broken in while skating, hence, a skater should look for leather boots if you want soft boots that will become more comfortable with time.

Alternatively, a long-lasting vinyl skate boot is cheaper than a leather boot. Vinyl boots have the advantage of not changing over time.

Vinyl boots will break in a little but will not mold to your feet and ankles like the leather boots.

Durometer/Wheel Hardness

Every speed skate wheel has a hardness ranging from 78A to 103A. The wheel gets harder when the number goes high towards 100A, and the lower it goes, the softer the wheel.

Hard wheels are good when skating indoors or on sticky surfaces such as roller rinks with plastic coating. Hard wheels are more slippery, last longer, and roll faster.

Soft wheels are good for slippery floors surfaces. Soft wheels are mostly used in street skates because they provide a smooth roll.

Skaters usually have different wheels so that they can change anytime they want to change the skating surface.

Wheel Diameter and Profile

The wheel diameter and profile can impact your skating. The skate wheel diameter usually ranges from 40mm to 125mm. Large wheels take longer to accelerate but get to high top-end speed once they roll.

Smaller wheels, accelerate quickly, go slower but have more maneuverability.

Beginners should go for wide, and short wheels because they need to go slow at the start. A wheel with a 65mm diameter is good for beginners because it provides balance, stability, and control of speed.

Pro skaters should go with what they want in maneuverability, stability, speed, and skating surface or the quad sport.


Bearings are important too because they affect the speed and feel of the skating. If you take good care of the bearings, it ensures that the roller skates have great performance.

It is good to avoid skating in sand, dirt, water, and moist grounds o that your bearings can last longer. Clean and lubricate them often to improve their speed and durability.

Trucks and Plates

Quad skates have a truck and plate underneath. Trucks are mostly made of aluminum and nylon.

Aluminum makes them heavier and strong while nylon makes the skate lighter.

The Difference Between Inline Vs Roller Speed Skates

Inline skates are those skates with wheels arranged in 1 straight line making them easy to maneuver thus they are great for outdoor skating or roller hockey because a skater can be able to maneuver around potholes or cones.

For a feeling that is similar to ice skating, or you need to travel a long distance, inline skates can be a better choice.

The roller skates have wheels arranged in a configuration of two-by-two. This makes the skates stable hence good for beginners.

The quad skates are a great choice if a skater is interested in dancing in their skates or if they want to go for roller derby. With the right protective gear and hardware, roller skates can be enjoyable while at the Skate Park.

Another difference between the roller and inline skates is where the brakes are located. Inline skates’ brakes are at the heel of 1 boot. Quad skate’s toe-stop is attached to the plate and is under the toe of both boots.

The quad skates are more stable, while inline skates are faster and more maneuverable. Inline skates offer more ankle support and may be easier for skaters who are used to ice skating because the configuration of the wheel is similar to the blade.

Quad skates are used in roller derby and artistic skating and are usually standard in most indoor tracks.  The inline skates are used in speed skating and roller hockey and are similar to ice skating.

Final Words

Speed skating is a sport that can be for fun and fitness purposes. The right speed skates will ensure that your feet are comfortable, stable, and flexible to make all the skating moves you want to do.

Our pick for the best speed skates is the VNLA JR. Tuxedo Jam Skates. They are designed to match your performance and style.

With a tough lining and a rubber outsole, these skates are strong and durable and will last you for a long time. The plates and trucks increase the stability of the skates.

As presented in the product reviews, there is a skate for every individual depending on style, experience, and skating surface – do your research and you will certainly find the best speed skate to suit your needs.