How Long Does It Take to Rollerblade One Mile?

10 Aug.,2022


Your skill level is the first factor affecting your speed. When you're just starting out, you might not be utilizing your leg power to its maximum and, likewise, you may not know how to glide and save that leg power for when it's needed. The skates you have can also affect your overall speed. Racing skates with wider wheels -- and often five wheels instead of four -- tend to be faster than the cheap inline skates you might find at a garage sale. The lubrication and quality of your wheel bearings can also make your skates faster. The conditions can also affect your speed; consider having the wind at your back or blasting in your face, for example. Skating in an urban environment with traffic lights and cracks in the sidewalk will also result in a slower speed than skating on a smooth, uninterrupted track or stretch of road.