About Inline Speed Skating

11 Aug.,2022


Inline Speed Skating

Inline speed skating is a sport of the roller sport discipline where athletes use inline skates to race around tracks. The sport originated from roller skates and has its inspiration from speed skating on ice. The sport is popular in the United States and Europe.

Inline speed skating races vary based on the distance, and type of track. Races are conducted for several short distances, long distances, marathons, and ultra-marathons. Races are held on both indoor and outdoor tracks. Indoor tracks, which consist of plastic coated floors, are oval in shape measuring a distance of 100 m. Indoor tracks are more popular in the United States. Outdoor tracks, usually made of concrete, are oval in shape measuring a distance of 200 m. Most outdoor races are held in patinodromes, which are more popular in Europe.

inline speed skating race

inline speed skating race

Races of all formats are conducted for both men and women. Most races are contested individually but there are relay races conducted for various distances, where athletes compete in teams. There are some competitions where races are also conducted in time-trial format.

Though inline speed skating is not included in the Olympics, it is part of World Championships and World Games, where races of various distances are conducted.

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  • Inline Skating — also known as roller blading, a variety of sports performed while wearing skates with two to five polyurethane wheels arranged in a single line.
  • Road Skating — athletes use either inline or roller skates and ride on road courses.
  • Short Track Speed Skating — 4 to 8 skaters racing around an oval ice track towards the finish line
  • Long Track Speed Skating - ice skaters race head to head on a 400m oval track for a set distance, between 500 and 10,000 m.

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