The trend of women's shoes in spring and summer 2022

25 Mar.,2021

The trend of women's shoes in spring and summer 2022


  In order to adapt to the changing consumer lifestyle and focus, considering the adaptability of consumers, shoe design will continue to be deeply affected by residential activities. Home slippers will become the focus of attention, the comfortable office trend may stimulate new demand for leisure slippers, while "going out" will lead to the rise of sports slippers and holiday slippers. Flat-soled slippers will focus on the demand for value and multi-functional quality. under the influence of the theme of home comfort and the resurgence of outdoor sports, flat-soled slippers in different environments will be designed.


一: Casual Slippers


  Casual slippers will draw inspiration from comfortable home and show soothing texture. After the quarantine against epidemic has been lifted, slippers have gradually evolved into items with a high sense of fashion, and casual slippers have become an indispensable and important item for consumers.


二:Sports Slippers

  In the spring and summer of 2022, with the improvement of the popularity of comprehensive sports, the emphasis was placed on the wearability of the style and the versatile performance of multiple scenes.


三:Holiday Slippers


  Straw weaving is a common craft material in holiday items, natural raw materials combined with simplified design, showing a casual holiday freedom attribute.


四:Household Slippers

  As consumers spend more and more time at home, household slippers design begins to ensure comfort at the same time, decorative properties are particularly important.