Color trend of sports shoes in spring and summer 2022

19 Mar.,2021

Color trend of sports shoes in spring and summer 2022


  As consumers turn to the digital world for relief, digital tones are becoming more and more important. Bright colors will bring joy to people against stress and anxiety. Use bright colors to add a touch of joy to life and create an atmosphere of indulgence and pleasure.



Saffron, as a warm color system, has a warm and rich orange tone, conveys a natural message of joy, and leads people to seek a healthy and positive state of mind in an unstable environment.



Red is related to the color of blood and can make people nervous and excited. The strong red in the summer styling proves the increasing importance of cross-season color, adding youthful vitality to the single item of running shoes.


三:Persian Red

The electric rose red stimulates the desire to cross the reality and makes people yearn for the dreamy digital world. It is widely used in the color of shoes, which brings a gorgeous brushstroke to the women's shoes market.

未标题-3.jpg四:Lime Punch

The biological lime green, which is full of enthusiasm and vitality, will become the hue sought after by people.


五:Scuba Blue

In the spring and summer of 2022, Deep Blue presents a kind of matching rule of light life and light sports in the collocation of shoes, in which elastic knitted fabric is the main fabric and running shoes are the main products in style. emphasize a love of sports, self-confidence, bold external form.