Why Use a Guard Tour System?

09 Feb.,2023


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Why Use a Guard Tour System?

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on Why Use a Guard Tour System?

Accurately managing the security of any place can be a painstaking task without the right tools for it. The old school method relied heavily on recruiting several guards & ways to keep track of each of them. While some of those elements find their usability in today’s age, the need for a more accurate & cost-efficient method gave rise to Guard Tour System.

What is a Guard Tour System?

A Guard Tour System is an arrangement of many elements that make it easier to guard or patrol. Whether you are a firm that provides security services or a company that’s looking to improve, guard tour systems can help to better organize patrol routes & related data.

It offers a means to verify the clock-in & clock-out times of guards, set a regular patrol route, ensure that everyone completes their duties and track their performance & progress through hand-held devices and software.

Now that you know what it is, let’s move to see…

Why Use a Guard Tour System?

  • Simple to Set up & Use

    Cybersecurity uses complex codes to protect user information & safeguard the company. While it is justified there, sometimes it’s better to have solutions that are simpler to understand, set up and use—the Guard tour system fits the bill for that.

    You just have to hand out the devices & explain the new process to the guards. You would have to install a low-spec software for the management end or use an online portal. The entire process (including orientation for the guards) can be wrapped up in a day or two.

  • Power of Automation

    Businesses that survive are the ones that adapt to the changing times. In today’s age, manual labour is appreciated but you should be open to automating processes that help you save time and money.

    With a guard tour system in place, you wouldn’t have to worry about missed signatures at checkpoints. Guards can scan & verify their presence with hand-held devices. These verifications are updated automatically on the controller’s system.

  • Reliable

    Reliability is an issue that directly influences the accountability of guards. Traditional means of using punch cards or word of mouth are prone to errors.

    The guard tour system is reliable because it has a series of interconnected elements that work with each other to automatically verify patrolling data. It’s highly reliable in the way it functions and uses robust devices to keep environmental factors at bay.

Guard Tour System by Guard Patrol Products

Guard Tour System by Guard Patrol Products is one of the industry-leading tour systems. Our proof of presence system is extremely versatile and hence used to monitor & streamline security, maintenance, cleaning & fire/building safety checks. With us you get:

  • Touch Button Checkpoints

    You can put these in various places in and around the area you need to secure to create a patrol route that covers all major checkpoints.

  • Checkpoint Mounting Options

    These help you mount touch buttons onto many different types of surfaces like steel or let you carry them in an event book.

  • Data Readers

    Use our robust readers to read the checkpoints quickly. All of them are waterproof with plenty of additional features.

  • Starter Kits

    Our starter kits have a carefully selected combination of everything you need to set up your patrol system. Choose the starter kits that match your need.

If you don’t know which one is the right for you, contact us & connect with our team of experts. They will guide you & answer all your queries!

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