Water Filled Barriers

03 Mar.,2023


Water Filled Barrier system

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Quick Overview

  • Orange or white water ballasted plastic barrier systems
  • Heavy duty polyethylene plastic minimizes cracks and breaks
  • Low profile ensures clear motorist visibility at crosswalks
  • Available with internal cables and fence panel/screen options
  • Interlocking knuckle design allows quick panel connections
  • Large 8" fill hole and tamper-resistant drain plugs
  • Molded forklift/pallet jack slots enable easy placement
  • MASH and NCHRP-350 crash test level 1-3 eligible
  • Ideal for traffic safety, special events and construction areas

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Product Information

Our plastic Water Filled Barriers are a versatile alternative to concrete barriers and Jersey barrier safety products. Water fillable traffic barriers provide excellent energy absorption in high impact scenarios. That makes them a great choice for improving motorist, worker, and pedestrian safety.

These water fillable barriers feature a heavy duty polyethylene construction. They come in high visibility orange or white. Low profile panels easily connect and assemble in a variety of lengths, with up to 30 degree rotation. The high-quality barriers have molded-in stacking lugs and forklift slots for easy moving and storage. A large 8in opening hole provides efficient filling, while a tamper resistant drainage plug ensures quick release.

Choose between standard water ballasted panels, or, models with internal steel cables for road crash safety applications. Install fence and gate panels to enclose temporary work zones with a secure entrance or exit point. Add optional screening to provide construction project work crews privacy and wind protection.

In addition to traffic control at construction sites, these safety barriers make excellent airport barricades. They are also useful for crowd control at sporting events, as well as traffic barricades or channelizers in parking lots.

High quality materials and design

Our traffic barrier systems feature a durable polyethylene plastic construction. UV additives resist fading, cracking and breaking to ensure a long service life with high visibility. Repair kits are available in both colors should the plastic containers rupture.

Double wall knuckles help minimize breaks at hinge connection points and allow up to 30 degree rotation. This pivot feature means the safety barriers can be set up to enclose irregular work site perimeters, or, accommodate road curves.

A large 8 inch diameter fill hole at the center top ensures fast filling, and seals with a twist lock cap. Empty panels by unscrewing the tamper-resistant offset drain plug at the base of units.

Molded forklift slots at grade level ensure panels are easy to lift and place. This design also prevents bowing when barriers contain water. Galvanized steel connection pins and fence components resist rust for reliable outdoor use. Molded-in stacking lugs ensure secure storage of units up to three high (when empty).

Water filled barrier with optional fence panels

Our smooth panel barriers come in two colors, measure 6 foot long, and weigh 80lbs each when empty. The have a 123 gallon capacity and weigh 1,110lbs when full of water.

As plastic Jersey barriers, these systems disperse water upon impact to help prevent vehicle intrusion into construction sites. An hourglass profile increases redirective capabilities in the event of a vehicle collision.

For additional security in construction areas, attach 6' wide x 4' tall 11 gauge steel mesh chain link fence sections to the top of barriers. T-pin connectors extend through the fence into barrier knuckle joints to secure pieces together. A T-pin hole allows for a security bolt as an extra safety measure to increase protection.

Install one or two 6' gate panels to create a convenient vehicle entry and exit point at construction zone sites. Optional screening provides both a wind barrier and worker privacy.

Single panel barrier sections are suitable for use as portable barricades in TL-1, TL-2, or TL-3 applications. Link panels together to create a TL-1 longitudinal water-filled barrier that provides positive separation between moving vehicles and workers/pedestrians in protected zones.

Plastic water barriers with 3 internal cables

This model shares the same design features as our smooth barrier, but has molded-in cables. The three galvanized steel cables strengthen and resist vehicle penetration during an impact. This traffic barricade weighs 100lbs empty and 1,170lbs when full.

Our water filled barrier with cables is MASH Tested, Passed and Eligible for TL-1 (31 mph) and TL-2 (43.5 mph).

Saw tooth water barrier system with 4 internal cables

Three horizontal saw teeth on this plastic barrier's surface act as anti-vehicle climbing ribs. Four corrosion-resistant internal steel cables and bushings prevent vehicle breaches during impact.

Interlocking joint knuckles permit up to 15 degree rotation between each panel. Galvanized steel T-pins secure barrier sections together at any necessary length.

Barrier panels weigh 160 lbs empty or 2,000lbs when completely full with 220 gallons of water. They measure 6 feet long by 43in tall and 22in wide and are available in orange or white.

This model is tested and accepted for all TL-2 & TL-3 lightweight (1,807 lbs) and heavy (4,409lbs) vehicle impacts at 45mph and 62.5mph.


Technical Information

UV-resistant polyethylene plastic. Temperature for bonding plastic repairs is 500-550°F (hold the torch head ¼-½ inch away from the weld surface).

Compliance Information

  • Linked units meet NCHRP-350 requirements for a TL-1 Longitudinal Barrier Wall
  • Single units meet NCHRP-350 requirements for a TL-2 Longitudinal Channelizing Device and TL-3 Barricade
  • Meets all crash test acceptance criteria for use on the National Highway System.

Ordering and Shipping

Please contact us by email or call toll free (800) 869-9633 if you have any questions about water filled barrier orders or shipping. We also stock other traffic safety products like barricade lights, delineators, and traffic cones.