Buddha Water Filled Barrier Systems - What You Need To Know

03 Mar.,2023


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Buddha Water Filled Barrier Systems - What You Need To Know

The Buddha Barrier What Makes It Unique?

The Buddha Barrier is a uniquely designed, completely anti-trip Water Filled Barrier. At 0.8 m in height, it creates a safer environment for pedestrians over traditional Water Filled Separators, as well as this, the Buddha Barrier can be fitted with the DoubleTop that creates a barrier over 1.8m in height. 

These Barriers are used in place of standard metal fencing, which are non-recyclable, prone to rust, have a scrap value therefore increasing theft incentive and can be dangerous due to welds wearing.

There are various ranges of Water Filled Barriers as outlined in this great article. The Buddha Pedestrian Barrier is mainly used to section out various areas in construction sites, or walk ways and even events. 

The reflective scotchlite on the Buddha barrier gives it Chapter 8 status, you can read further into what this means for you and any requirements here. The full standards specification can be found here.

So What Makes This Barrier Unique?

Water Filling

The Buddha Barrier is easily filled with water by the entry point in the top left corner of the product. A Water Droplet symbol embossed onto the product identifies this area.


A maximum level line is indicated on the back face of the barrier, and just above this are two overflow outlets which will prevent any over filling of the barrier.


The unique shape of the Buddha Barrier allows for a way of stacking that not only supports each barrier with ease, but protects the highly reflective Scotchlite from any potential damage from rainwater build up, or knocks and bumps that can occur in transit with traditional Water Separators.


The Buddha Barrier can rotate over 270° around its own connection to the corresponding Barrier, allowing a perpendicular position. This angle cannot currently be created with existing Water Filled Separators.

The Barrier can also be positioned face to face, creating a closed connection that can be used to cover areas such as open manhole covers or exposed cable.


The Buddha is a multi-use barrier top designed for use on the WonderWall™ and DoubleTop barrier systems. Simple Hook & Eye connectivity removes the need for additional brackets associated with conventional metal tops. The DoubleTop is lightweight, durable and has the option for reflective on the spindles.

Customisation of the Buddha Barrier

This barrier is amongst those that we can get tailored to suit your requirements. This customisation includes custom colours and embossing of company names and branding. We offer Four types of customisation on the Buddha Barrier.

  • Embossing: Custom embossing on the Barrier. This is perfect for distingushing your products from anyone else. This really makes your products standout from the rest.
  • Laser Printed Embossing: Company name can be ink printed onto the product. 
  • Colour: These products can be coloured to any colour to suit your requirements.
  • Custom Stickers: Custom stickers can be made for the Buddha Barrier. This is great for branding of events or additional notifications. 

The Buddha Barrier is an extremely versatile addition to any site or event, being able to stack 25 pieces per pallet, fully recyclable, fully customisable and interoperable with all our other barrier products. 

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