Clear PVC Wire Vacuum Transfer Hose

20 Oct.,2022


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Buy Wire-Reinforced Clear PVC Hoses

The PVC wire vacuum hose is a flexible but tough hose that is a great solution for applications where a strong collapse resistance is required to transfer air or liquid materials. This hose is wire-reinforced and composed of clear food-grade PVC, so you’ll often find it in use in the food and beverage industry as well as some chemical applications. Our wide range of options includes various diameter and length combinations so you’ll be able to select your working PSI rating and approximate weight. Shop for your PVC wire-reinforced vacuum hose with Hose and Fitting Supply today.

Item# Item Name Price Per Coil Qty Add DAR-9.5 <!009>Clear PVC Wire Vac 3/8" X 100'


DAR-13 <!010>Clear PVC Wire Vac 1/2" X 100'


DAR-16 <!011>Clear PVC Wire Vac 5/8" X 100'


DAR-19 <!012>Clear PVC Wire Vac 3/4" X 100'


DAR-22 <!013>Clear PVC Wire Vac 7/8" X 100'


DAR-25 <!014>Clear PVC Wire Vac 1" X 100'


DAR-32 <!015>Clear PVC Wire Vac 1-1/4" X 100'


DAR-38 <!016>Clear PVC Wire Vac 1-1/2" X 100'


DAR-50 <!017>Clear PVC Wire Vac 2" X 50'


DAR-63 <!018>Clear PVC Wire Vac 2-1/2" X50'


DAR-76 <!019>Clear PVC Wire Vac 3" X 50'


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