Advantages of Rubber Seals and Custom Molds

21 Mar.,2023


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Rubber seals prevent lubricating oil from leaking. The seals close spaces between stationary and moving parts and are vital in precision bearings. Rubber also provides an airtight and watertight fit and is a popular choice in the aerospace and automotive industry.

However, rubber is one of many options available. Other types of seals include foam and plastic. Each option has unique advantages, disadvantages, and suitable applications. Below is an overview of the five benefits of a rubber seal.

1. Temperature Resistance

Rubber seals can withstand extreme temperatures and variations. For instance, silicon rubber seals will withstand temperatures as low as -100 degrees Celsius and up to 310 degrees Celsius. The wide range makes rubber seals ideal for applications with massive temperature swings.

Rubber seals will remain functional despite temperature variations and mold to the contours of the groove. The seals offer a high degree of flexibility and adapt to the pressure without breaking apart. Rubber seals also retain flexibility at low temperatures.

2. Comparative Durability

Rubber is more durable than other materials and forms an impervious airtight and watertight seal. More importantly, rubber is flexible and provides resistance in proportion to the pressure applied. Rubber seals also maintain integrity for a longer duration.

Although there are breaking points to how long rubber seals will last under pressure, they are more impressive than other options and require less frequent replacement. Rubber will last longer than polyurethane, polyacrylate, and FEP seals.

3. Highly Malleable

Rubber is easy to mold into different sizes and shapes used in a wide range of applications. O rings, U rings, and V rings are popular examples of rubber seals. Others are rotary oil seals, spring-installed seals, bearing isolators, and clearance seals.

Because of their malleability, rubber seals are a popular choice in many industries. Manufacturers can order custom rubber seals molded for specific grooves and glands, and the material offers a versatile solution for different situations.

4. Less Toxic

Most types of rubber seals are non-toxic in the environments they work. Rubber won’t compromise the grooves or other components it contacts. It also won’t degrade under heat, ethylene oxide, electron beams, steam autoclaving, or gamma radiation sterilization.

The non-toxic nature of rubber seals and compatibility with different sterilization procedures makes them ideal for food, pharmaceuticals, and drug industries. What’s more, rubber doesn’t impact odor or flavor.

5. More Compatible

Rubber is compatible with many materials and can complement other substances to improve the seal’s integrity. Rubber treatment can improve compression capabilities, tolerance to extreme temperatures, and overall longevity, and also prevent seal failure.

In addition to working with other sealant materials, rubber seals have varying properties to suit different applications and equipment. Rubber seals and gaskets offer comprehensive solutions in their applications and are more efficient than other options.

6. Different Grades and Colors

Rubber seals come in different grades, such as soft rubber, hard rubber, and everything in between. Some options, like thin gauge gasket sheets, are ideal for specialized application, while others are for general use.

Rubber seals also exist in many color options. Some applications may require a different color for safety indication, but the coloration is mainly for aesthetic appeal and commercial or retail use.

Custom Rubber Seals

Custom rubber seals are molded to work in specific equipment and conditions. Customization may come in shape, size, temperature tolerance, and compression capacity. You can also find rubber seals optimized to reduce friction.

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