If the cover of the latest infomercials and magazines are only a few signs, weight loss seems to be in the mind of recentness. It is a good goal to eat healthy weight properly and exercise, but it is not the only goal. In fact, if you have a good reason to eat well and exercise you can not even be sure that this is in the top ten. Faced with it: the numbers on the scale are not reliable indicators of the overall health condition. To make matters worse, those who do not lose weight or eat will stop exercising much faster than people who make healthy changes for other reasons. Oh, and in the long run, they do not really lose weight. Researchers found that the most successful motivation of healthy lifestyle habits is “better mood for themselves” for women and “better health” for men.

The best reason to steam
1. It acts as an antidepressant.
Even if suffering from Bla ‘s winter suffering from chronic depression, blues can make all of life more difficult. Antidepressants have benefited a lot of people, but in one study, depression experienced aerobic exercise showed that the symptoms were improved as much as those who received medication. Indeed, 60 to 70% of the subjects could not even be classified as depressed after 4 months. Even better, follow-up studies showed that the effects of exercise last longer than the effects of drugs.

How to help Premenstrual Syndrome
2. Reduce premenstrual syndrome.
Ladies can not blame you for you when your friend drank her soup, the anger-induced monthly scream like Nicolas Sparks movie advertisement or Hulk can not blame you (hormone, Holla!). But that does not mean you can not do anything to help. In a survey, there was a teenage girl. Were there any unusual groups there? We perform cardio sessions for 60 minutes for 8 weeks three times a week. Since then they have concluded that sports should be prescribed as a treatment for PMS, as they reported that symptoms of PMS, especially depression and anger are significantly better.

3. Reduce stress and anxiety.
Pop quizzes: If you are extremely stressed and worried about ________ (work / relationship status / series / end of life), what is the fastest way to relax? A) Make Ben & Jerry’s pint as the main line. B) I go to a serious sweat festival. Or C) Please call your mother. I’m sorry, my mom is exercise is one of the fastest way to relieve desperate heart by eliminating cortisol (stress hormone) from the system. In addition, new research on the fact that ice cream and other ‘comfortable food’ does not tolerate stress level teeth – we sometimes do not have something against lumpy monkey squeezes!

4. It stimulates creativity.
Next I will meet the editor or if I need a new idea for the Ministerial Conference, I will walk around the block. According to recent research, walking has improved both convergent thinking and divergent thinking, both of which are related to increased creativity.

It eradicate allergies.
Sneezing, hydration supplementation, reddish tears (This is the season!) It might be fun, but there is a good reason to combine sneakers and allergy attacks. Researchers in Thailand have reported that running can reduce sneezing, itching, constipation, runny nose to 90% for 30 minutes.

6. It will strengthen your mind.
During these splints your heart may seem to hit your chest, but your ticker will thank you later. As a complete report from the American Heart Association show, exercise strengthens your cardiac muscle and reduces the risk of heart disease and other related disorders. So, next time you sweep the spin, please imagine it is Valentine’s day to send to your body.

7. I will help you resist temptation.
They do not call him the highest runner for what it is! Regardless of whether you are indulging in sugar, tobacco, or heroin, sports can play a major role in resisting your chosen substances. In one study, scientists found that the effects of endorphin released during exercise act on the same neural pathway as addictive substances. Result is? Mice in this study select a treadmill above the level of solution containing amphetamine and suggest that humans can do the same.

8. Reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome …
If there is a modern health lover, it would be a metabolic syndrome of a strange sound. It consists of three elements: high blood pressure / cholesterol, high blood pressure, excess fat of the waist. This is one of the strongest signs of early withdrawal. Researchers have stated that the movement can almost completely eradicate the metabolic syndrome and even reverse the damage. However, as research shows that intensity is the key, not all exercises work the same way. Therefore, instead of staying at a steady pace, try an interval that increases or decreases your heart rate.

9. … and reduce the risk of many other diseases.
Many types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary disease – all the diseases whose risks are alleviated by training are here all day long. Exercise is a superstar to prevent health, and Dr. Jordan Metzle recently said, “Almost all diseases are 100% effective and miracle drugs with little side effects.” Even better, we do not have to wait for FDA approval of this magical clinic!

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