1. It will protect your millet.
I hate breaking it, but you are watching the screen. Welcome to Club Eye Strain! (T – shirts are available online, but it is enough to find them). However, in recent studies, one of the best ways to protect your eyes and prevent age-related blindness is regular cardiovascular exercise. In one study, active mice retained twice as many retinal neurons as sitting fur balls. However, it is not an advantage only for four pairs of friends. A similar correlation was found in humans in independent studies.

It will take years for your life …
People who do sports live long. Yes, we said that. Regardless of your weight, research results are shown that you can add up to seven years to your life by doing at least 150 minutes per week (just 3 days of 50 minute training).

3. Your life.
According to a recent study, people who are doing sports were happily excited and found that they felt more pleasure than their counterparts in their sofa potatoes.

4. They respect your body.
It is very easy to focus on abdominal muscles and bikini bridles and other physical attributes (perhaps inaccessible). But instead of comparing it, I will pick up my shoes and head for the gym. Using our bodies not only strengthens them, but also thanks to all the cool things they can do, the research supports it. After all, as an athlete, you do not have to do anything to make a mirror – it is about how your body can move.

5. It strengthens the bones.
Bone mineral density may not be the hottest topic, but we should all be aware of it, especially since it helps to maintain strong and supple bodies. After breakthrough research, the best way to increase bone density and reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis is to exercise at a weight that will run or dance. (But actually it is a weighty sport, and if it is “women’s clothes” it is yours.) Researchers exercise adults who exercise moderately or actively. Continue: Adults who stop exercising in the second half of their lives lose their bone mass even if they regularly exercise as teenagers.

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6. It will save money.
We know. Subscriptions to the gym are expensive. House equipment may be an investment. Have you bought running shoes recently? However, investment in your fitness turns out to be economical enough that it is wise. The Fortune 500 company estimates that $ 2.71 will be saved in future medical expenses every dollar spent on healthcare including sports. This is a prudent habit to accept not only your CEO of your health but also the CEO.

7. I will help your fertility.
Is there a baby in your future? It is better to hit the bottom of the weight. Researchers at Harvard University found that exercising men had higher sperm concentration in semen and semen more than average. When you start a race (kettlebell, yoga etc), women also increase the possibility of pregnancy. A meta-analysis targeting about 27,000 women generally has a low infertility rate, a high transplant rate, and a low abortion rate. Warnings: Women who have too much or too much momentum affect their fertility. So it’s about balance. Researchers give advice to Jim three times a week, three times a week.

This will make you sexual god or goddess.
Good news for men’s clothes and gentlemen: Sweating in the gym will improve the sweat of the bedroom. But in this case the women actually (ahem) score out because some exercises are related to “core gum” or they have orgasm when they are working the abdominal muscles. (Strong abdomen and strong orgasm?) However, even if you raise a suspended leg, you can increase your muscular strength of the pelvic floor even if you do not enter into ecstasy. In another study, men exercising have shown that the incidence of impotence and erectile dysfunction is low when experiencing stronger orgasm. In addition, they reported that they had sex more frequently.

9. It will improve self-esteem.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful? You do not have magic to know that appearance is getting better. However, scientific research adds that it makes us feel better inside. In an analysis of the research on this topic, the practitioner reports that self-esteem is stronger and the frequency of negative thoughts about her body is lower. Furthermore, we will increase trust in the workplace and other living areas.

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