Why You Should Use Stand-Up Pouches for Marijuana Packaging

01 Feb.,2023


pre roll mylar bags

With the legalization of marijuana in some of the major states in the US, cannabis suppliers have used this opportunity to turn to the lucrative marijuana business.

According to Forbes magazine, the marijuana market in California is expected to reach a $5 billion US dollar mark in 2019. Other states like Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota also enjoy high sales revenue from medical marijuana.

With many packaging solutions for marijuana available in the market, let’s take a look at the benefits of using stand-up pouches as a method of storage and packaging for marijuana suppliers.

Easy To Use

The simple design of stand-up pouches makes them an excellent option to store marijuana and supply it safely for easy customer use.

The re-closable seal, Mylar material, and zipper pouch are easy to open by adults and equipped with a grip-n-grip child-resistant design that keeps it safe from small, grabby hands.

Keeps Marijuana Fresh

The stand-up pouches are an incredible packaging solution for marijuana edibles and products. They help seal the freshness of marijuana and keeps its aromatic and potent for daily use.

Moreover, the re-closable packaging material keeps it away from contamination and bacteria by blocking out oxygen, sunlight, and moisture.

Design Control

The simple design and standard brown and black packaging of the stand-up pouches gives marijuana suppliers the creative liberty to include graphics, labels, patterns and company logos.

The external finish of the product is up to the supplier as they can include any artwork on the packaging bag, which helps them distinguish themselves from other brands.

Made From FDA-Approved Materials

The materials used to manufacture stand-up pouches range from polyethylene VMPET/KPET/PE, which are FDA-approved.

These packaging materials are environmentally friendly as they are energy-efficient and produce low levels of CO2 emissions during the manufacturing and distribution process.

Highly Durable

The flexible packaging of stand-up pouches makes it a highly durable design for marijuana packaging. Unlike rigid containers, plastic bottles, and glass jars, stand-up pouches are resilient to drops and accidents during transportation.

The packaging of the bag doesn’t compromise the overall integrity of the contents and your business is less likely to get bad reviews or complaints from customers on the basis of quality.

Low Transportation Costs

Flexible packaging in the form of bags and pouches ensures that the material is light-weight. This allows for reduced weight while transporting marijuana compared to plastic bottles and glass jars.

The Flexible Packaging Associationfound that stand-up pouches utilized 70% less packaging materials compared to paperboard canisters and folding cartons.

Clearly Display Warning Labels

The differently-sized stand-up pouches offer a wide space to display warning labels, ingredients list, symbols indicating medical marijuana edibles, dosage information, serving limits, expiration dates, and storage tips.

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