Introducing…The 750ML Apothecary Bottle

22 Mar.,2023


Do you need Unique Shaped Spirit Glass Bottles solution? Choose us as your partner and we will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you.

Our new Apothecary Bottle with 750ml capacity makes beautiful packaging for craft spirits, infused waters and more. This large capacity bottle features a classic shape with smooth sides perfect for custom labeling. Our bottles are made from recycled glass with high clarity for a more eco-friendlier packaging option.

Available in two styles, with or without threaded neck, you’ll find corresponding closures and dispensers to top off each bottle. Choose from agglomerated corks, wood and plastic bar tops, bar top pourers, glass ball tops, plastic screw caps and more depending upon the neck style you select. All accessories can be found on the product page under the “Compatible Caps & Accessories” tab below the product image.

Explore our latest addition to our bottle range by clicking on the styles below.

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