Effective Cleaning Methods For Spray Bottles

11 Mar.,2021

The following is our recommended method of cleaning sprayers to ensure they can be reused. You can do these things at home with very simple household tools.


Effective Cleaning Methods For Spray Bottles

The following is our recommended method of cleaning 5 PROTECTIVE FILMS FOR THE JOBSITE to ensure they can be reused. You can do these things at home with very simple household tools.

1. Check your bottles

Of course, you must evaluate your spray bottle first. Always consider what they were used for before. Some items may be harmful to the skin, so be extra careful. Check if there is a problem with the machine, or if there are missing parts, such as a dust cap. You should also scan the container to see if there are cracks or dents. Remove the cap and inspect the inside of the body. If there is a problem with the spray bottle, it may not be worth washing and reusing.

2. Cleaning/pre-wash

Rinse your bottle well. If possible, use a relatively high-pressure hose or faucet. This will wash away most of the material on the surface, making it easier for deeper cleaning.

It also allows you to dispose of the bottle more safely when disassembling it in the future.

3. Flushing

Now, this is an important step you must do. This is called flushing. For this part, we recommend that you use a pair of gloves.

Take a cup and fill it with hot water. Put the cup in the kitchen sink. Pick up the dispenser (without the bottle) very carefully and immerse the bottom of the dip tube in the water. Make sure that the insert faces the sink and away from your body. Then, the pump the spray several times to thoroughly flush the entire dispensing system with water.

4. Remove labels (if any)

While washing the spray part, the label on the bottle also needs to be removed.

Rinse the bottle with warm water first. Then, putting on gloves, immerse the bottle in a deep basin and soak it in steaming hot water. Let it stand for about 10 minutes and then pull it out with pliers.

Hold the bottle with a towel and start tearing off the label while it is still hot.

If the label does not come off completely, soak the bottle in baking soda water. Try to remove the label after half an hour.

5. Disassembly

Disassembling and reassembling your sprayer may be the trickiest part of cleaning it. We only recommend this step if you are confident. This is a considerable risk, breaking the sprayer part, or even hurting one or two fingers.

Now, you should have separated the bottle from the beverage machine. Disassembly is mainly related to the beverage dispenser, so you can put the bottle aside.

First, dry the vending machine with a clean carpet for a better grip, and then hold it in your hand. Be sure to learn it as best as possible. One by one, try to take out its individual parts. Drive ot the dip tube will be the best part to start.

Don't try to separate all the parts. Some parts, such as gaskets and pump mechanism, are not allowed to be disassembled.

Remember, you will reassemble everything later, so you must pay attention to where each part should be placed.

6. Soap and water

After separating the spray bottle part, put it in a basin and wash it with warm water and dish soap. For hard-to-reach parts, such as the threading of the bottle, the cap and the inside of the actuator, please use a cotton swab.

Rinse all parts with plenty of water. The important thing is not to put soap on it.

7. Disinfection

At this point, your bottle may look clean and shiny. However, they need to be kept clean at the micro level. Soap and water alone cannot kill 100% of the bacteria and viruses on the surface of the bottle. The best way is to disinfect.

When the parts of the spray bottle have not been disassembled, the spray bottle is disinfected like a baby bottle. You can cook it for a few minutes or steam it. However, before heating, make sure to remove any plastic parts.

Because spray bottle dispensers are mostly made of plastic materials, we do not recommend that you sterilize them in the oven. Plastic parts may not be able to withstand the heat of the oven.

8. Dry

After disinfection, let the bottle dry completely. Put them on a clean towel in a clean and sunny place.

9. Reassembly

With clean, dry hands, you can now start to assemble the sprayer. Make sure that all parts are in place safely without any looseness.

10. Air flushing

Finally, air flush the spray bottle. There is nothing in the bottle, just press the actuator a few times. This is to ensure that no moisture is trapped in the distribution system.

You go! Your spray bottle is now clean and ready to be reused.

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