#TransformationTuesday Looking at the hashtag you will find at least one fitness guru holding a top focus Hello Ice Cream or a weight loss spokesperson. Low calorie and low sugar level treatment is highly valued as a way to enjoy “healthy” ice cream on social media. But is it a good idea to eat all (at least) of the ice cream in a single seat? How is this confusion of the ice cream market different from that of frozen Greek yogurt or cream? Ice rice cake? We talked with experts and did our own taste test (I swear by it hard). “Is there something like a healthy ice cream?

What experts say
Spoiler alarm – Registered nutritionists listened to opinions on low calorie ice cream, but they are not constantly looking at the eyes. “I do not like the word” health “because it has different meanings for everyone, but I think that new innovations in ice drift are in healthy diets,” I think, “Elizabeth Show, CLT . The show admits that the new low-calorie ice cream flavor is at the forefront.

Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, Alissa Rumsey The founder of nutrition and health has different opinions. “The problem with these” healthy “ice creams is that they can eat as much as I want, as they will make you think it is better for me. Rumsey adds that low-calorie ice cream is not as satisfying as the real one. “These two factors may cause binge eating rather than responding to your body full of satiety and satiety.

But Shaw and Rumsey believe that moderation is the key to success. In other words, no, you should not eat all beers at once. “Many brands use creative marketing strategies to display calories in one pound but they are turning the rapper up and looking at the nutrition panel for four servings per container in general!

Rumsey says that the key to moderation is to throw rules of food from windows that are music in the ear! “The best thing you can do is to give permission to eat ice cream.If you truly believe that you can do it and have it when you want it, you do not feel the need Eat beer, “she says.

Wait, is that healthy?
To answer this question, please look at the raw material label in detail. Full fat ice cream is made with milk, cream, sugar, and other delicious scents, but low calorie ice cream contains a bit more “interesting” foreign ingredients.

Looking at the low-calorie ice cream label, you can see ingredients such as prebiotic fiber, erythritol, stevia, monk, corn fiber, vegetable glycerin. For yourself, are these things “bad”? The show says no. “Each component aims to produce the most delicious products for consumers.

She adds that the best way to choose a product is to find a favorite product that will not disturb your stomach. Erythritol has been studied to not cause a gastrointestinal burden, but as these products become more and more popular on the market, other sugar alcohols need to be considered. Despite this relief fact, other studies show that calorie-free sweeteners can not really help people lose weight and help weight gain. Think about it before you crush a piece of low-fat junk.

Remember, “healthy” is a subjective term. Some run marathons and enjoy the ice cream bowl while maintaining muscle mass. There is something like a low calorie ice cream option to fill their sweet teeth during their weight loss trip. The “healthy” aspect is in the middle, not participating in various sweet things, and you can enjoy food. Here are some of our favorite ice cream brands that target healthy eaters, regardless of whether you choose low-calorie or cream varieties.


If you are a fan of ice cream, what is not creamy is Yassau. These mugs made from skim milk and Greek yogurt are not as creamy as traditional ice cream, but they are absolutely delicious. And if you can limit yourself to providing 1/2 cup, you will get 5-6 grams of protein for about 100 calories.

Shaw said, “Pre-prepared bars are creamy, refreshing and light, meaning they will satisfy their desires, but they do not overwork, although they are still serving beer, but other bars Unlike brands, I do not say to eat at once (although it is said that maintaining one serving is really difficult).

Snow monkey

This Paleo and vegan “Superfood Ice Treat” is not actually ice cream, but it helps to eliminate your desire. This iced tea including super food, fruits and seeds is all good for you, even if it is not really bad! The ingredient is a blend of purified pulp and concentrated fruit, hemp protein powder and seed. To be honest, we do not taste like ice cream in fact, but it’s cold, when you come in pint and you are on a Paleo train, you may like it as an option for dessert.

Hello Top

The brand that started Cool ‘s local has just 240 calorie pints including ingredients like milk and cream. What do not you love? Helio Top uses prebiotic fiber, replacing fat with erythritol and stevia than sugar. “Personally, creamy texture and creamy taste resemble the real one.” Depending on your taste, the average part of 1/2 cup is about 75 calories with 5 grams of protein ” And she adds.

Lighting up

I can not believe that this brand is a “lean” ice cream with French toast, cold coffee, ice donuts, smell like scent. Like Halo Top, Enlightened has low calorie and is richer in protein than normal ice cream, providing about 60-100 calories and 6 grams of protein in 1/2 cup. It also adds sweetness using erythritol and sugar, smoothness comes from corn fiber. If you are looking for a variety of low calorie ice cream, try this brand, you can choose a longer ingredient list.

My / Mo

If you are a fan of mochi, this is ice cream for you. My / Mo is a small ice ball wrapped in a resistant rice cake. It is completely separate and contains only a few simple components. For people who want to eat ice cream at a bite of 110 calories, it’s worth a try.

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