The Very Best Sectional Sofas, Tested and Reviewed by Our Editors

14 Oct.,2022


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Forget everything you thought you knew about the sectional: Too informal? Too inflexible? Too big for small spaces? Not in our book. The best sectional sofa has it all: plenty of seating, endless styles for any home decor, and lots of room for reclining in comfort. But perhaps the most crucial part of the sectional is its versatility—especially in an era that has retailers offering customizations that can arrive perfectly tailored to your floor plan and at your door in a matter of days. Former Architectural Digest editor Benjamin Reynaert made a similar case for the sectional, saying it allows for “a level of customization akin to bespoke furniture, but without the high-shelf costs that come with building a piece from the ground—or sofa leg—up.”

But sure, it’s one thing to talk about the virtues of a piece of furniture without actually putting it to a sit test, something a designer might do for a few minutes in a showroom. Here at Clever that wasn’t nearly enough for us, especially for a piece that might cost a few thousand dollars and will (hopefully) live in your home for years. We’re big believers that no piece of furniture is too big or too small to be purchased online, but there are a few things you might want to know firsthand—namely whether or not it makes sense in a modern household. 

So we sat down—and laid, and jumped, and sprawled—to test 16 different couches in apartments, suburban homes, and rural farmhouses across the Northeast (shoutouts to Chicago) from ordering to assembly to the first new sofa nap. If you’re looking for something more traditional to create a formal seating arrangement in a living room or a super-comfy, family-friendly modular sofa for pet cuddles and movie nights, there is a sectional for you. 

What did we look for in our sit tests? 

There are many factors that went in to each of our reviews to give you the insight you need to select the best sectional sofa for your home. 

Ordering and customization process: Shallow seats or deep seats, armrests or armless, right-facing chaise or left-facing chaise, down seat cushions or foam cushioning, upholstery or leather, L-shape or U-shape—each of the sectionals we tested has possibilities. We also documented the lead times and expected delivery timelines for each model.

Couch delivery and assembly: Curbside or white glove, fully assembled or DIY. And, if DIY, how many pieces did the sofa arrive in and how difficult was the assembly?

After installation: Here we asked some tough functionality questions of each sectional: Is it practical for a modern home? Is the couch kid- and/or pet-friendly? What are the care and cleaning instructions? And did it look better IRL than in the photos?

One year update: Where possible, we asked if our testers still stood by their original reviews. Some of the questions we asked included:

  • How does the sectional sofa hold up after a full year of use?
  • How has your experience been with cleaning the sectional?
  • What has been your favorite aspect of the sectional, and is there anything you wish you could change?
  • Would you still recommend this product to someone who’s looking to purchase?

Slipcovered sectionals  

These classic beauties feature top-of-the-line upholstery, expert craftsmanship, and the delicate touch that only a slipcover and a little skirt action can provide.