How much does a smart board cost in 2022?

19 Sep.,2022


65 Inch Smart Board

Smart boards are touch screen TV’s that are replacing projectors and whiteboards in most classrooms and meeting rooms.  While it may look like a TV on the wall, a smart board enables you to write on the screen over your presentation, capture and distribute brainstorming sessions, and even email the session directly from the TV. Typical smart boards sold in 2022 have 4K resolution, built-in Android computers, and speakers.  Although prices will vary based on features, warranty, and brand, here is a general guideline of the initial purchase price based on screen size.


  • 65-inch smart board - $2000 - $3000

  • 75-inch smart board - $2800 - $4000

  • 86-inch smart board - $4200 - $6000


This article will detail the most important things you should look for when choosing your smart board and a guideline to how much the most popular features and accessories cost.