How Much Does a Smart Board Cost?

19 Sep.,2022


65 Inch Smart Board

The Cost of a Smart Board

Finding specific price quotes for Smart Boards can be challenging, and with good reason. The exact amount it will cost to have a Smart Board in your classroom varies, depending on model, as well as location, installation fees, state sales tax, and which Smart Board reseller you choose.

All of that said, a Smart Board can seldom be found for less than $899 dollars, the price of the small, 42-inch Smart Kapp42 model. The larger Smart Board 680 goes for around $2,000, not including installation and shipping costs. More advanced models, such as the 55-inch Smart Kapp-IQ sell for around $4,000, with larger Kapp-IQ models coming in at close to $5,000 or more.

Additional costs can come from accessories, such as special Smart Board pens, wall mounts, or projectors. Due to all of these variables, the best way to find out exactly how much a Smart Board will cost is to find a retailer near you and speak with them directly about your classroom needs.

Smart Board Resources

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