How Much does a Sectional Cost?

14 Oct.,2022


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Sofas Sectional Styles & Features


Whether your style is modern, sophisticated or all about home entertainment, the sectional you choose defines your space. As a result, you will find a variety of sectional shapes, styles and sizes.   


Most furniture retailers will carry many different stationary sofa sectional styles. You’ll also discover sectionals with reclining features. Reclining motion sectionals raises the bar on comfort by letting you elevate your feet. On top of these, sofa beds and chaise seating may also be an option. Of course, all the choices you make have an impact on price.  

 Other decisions you’ll need to make:


Think about the sectional you need in your space before you begin shopping for the one you love! The right scale in any home is what makes you feel cozy and relaxed. Match the proportion of your sofa sectional to the size of the room to create the right balance. 


There are also varying sectional sofa sizes and configurations to fit your room properly and to serve different functions. The most common shapes and sizes you’ll discover during your sectional shopping experience include:


1. L-Shape

When one side of the sectional is longer than the other, or they have an equal length on both sides, it is called an L-shape sectional. This arrangement works best in larger rooms with lots of wall space. 


2. U-Shape

The U-shape looks like exactly that, a U except that sometimes one side can be shorter than the other. It can work well in spaces that are square or awkwardly shaped. The U-shape is ideal if you have a big space to fill, a family room or a finished basement/rec room.



3. Sectional with Chaise

A chaise sectional is basically a sofa with added chaise lounge. It feels right at home in an open-plan space, especially when paired with a side table and backed by a sofa table*. The chaise sectional works well in a small area when it can’t accommodate an L or U-shaped sectional.