Sofa Snap Sectional Couch Connector (Flat HD Fixed Mount #345) : Home & Kitchen

14 Oct.,2022


Puzzle Sectional Sofa Section A Price

We have a large sectional L-shape sofa that already had this product in place but it was an older version where the connecting post was a simple bent piece of metal and the connection was not solid and the sections often came apart. We ordered enough of these connectors to place two on each section (as was already there) and simply unscrewed the old ones and screwed these into the same holes. The female part of the connector looks almost identical but unfortunately the old male parts were bent at the edge of the section whereas on these the solid post is set back in the actual plate. This meant we had to move the pieces closer to the edge so the connection could be made but this was super easy to do. We just used one set of holes as a guide and drilled for the rest. We did follow other reviewers advice and predrilled the holes. We also replaced the screws that came with the set with longer wood screws.

Our couch is once again AWESOME!! You can sit on the couch anywhere without threat of landing on the floor and the cushions are nice and plump and fit snuggly. LOVE IT!

Product lost one star because I tried to contact the seller to find out if this was the correct product I needed as this model # is NOT on their website. The phones were never answered and the voicemail was full. I took a chance anyway and am very happy with the result